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Cycle computer

Planning a pregnancy with a cycle computer

Cycle computers can effectively help you plan a pregnancy, because they can be used to determine your cycle precisely. The cycle computers available here all have the same function: to determine the fertile days by measuring the temperature. This makes it possible to plan when the best time is to become pregnant. The cycle is usually measured using the basal body temperature, which is taken at the same time every day. This is the most accurate method of determining the cycle. The cycle computers available here are equipped with LED or LCD displays, which show particularly quickly and clearly when the probability of pregnancy is highest.

Determining the cycle precisely with the help of a cycle computer

The cycle computers available here are able to determine not only the fertile days, but also all other phases of the cycle. Among other things, they also determine the time of possible ovulation, the infertile days and the time of the period. This means that one of the cycle computers available here can also be used, for example, to make sure when pregnancy cannot occur. Taking the basal body temperature with the cycle computer is particularly easy, because it is done in the mouth. The result can be called up after only a few seconds. At present, a cycle computer is generally the most accurate device for determining the cycle. No other method can determine the cycle as precisely as a cycle computer.

Wide range of functions, easy to use, perfect for travelling

The cycle computers offered here are usually equipped with numerous additional functions. Some of them have Bluetooth functions. With these, it is possible to establish a connection to a mobile device and retrieve all important data. This can be advantageous for saving cycle data or showing it to the doctor in charge. For some cycle computers, for example, there is also an application available that can be used to retrieve the most important data collected. Cycle computers are generally convincing because they are very easy and quick to use. In most cases, the built-in thermometer is simply placed under the tongue and all the important data for the cycle can be retrieved in a very short time. Measuring the cycle is therefore not complicated and can be done without any prior knowledge. This makes cycle computers perfect for when you are out and about, because they can be used to determine the current cycle quickly and easily, even when you are travelling or on an excursion.