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Re-education aids

Postnatal care - support for the body after pregnancy.

Your baby has been born safely and the most strenuous time is happily over. However, it is now your turn to take care of your body. Building up your tissues and muscles is very important in the postpartum period.
Not every mother can start exercising or doing exercises to build up her body immediately after giving birth, so a postpartum support is recommended. This will help you strengthen all the tissues. It is very important to get your body moving again as soon as possible after the birth, starting with light exercises that may increase over time.
During the first 6 months it is recommended to avoid exercise, which means training that makes you very out of breath. A light walk by the lake or in the woods is even desired by your body. Or go for a swim in our great swimwear.
The postnatal aid can be used at home or outdoors. There are different types of backbirth support, as trousers or a band. They can be worn under clothes and are not visible during the day.
There are different materials available for the backbirth aids. A belly band can be reduced in size as soon as the belly is firmer.