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The Medela Breastfeeding underwear helps during a special time

A baby is expected. Alongside the joy about the future citizen of the earth, many women have thoughts about the changing body during this special time. The hormone balance, but also the immune system and metabolism change and adapt to pregnancy and later to breastfeeding. Many women feel this change in the breasts during the first months and then in the belly. In order to support the breasts and abdomen and to make breastfeeding easier later on, we have produced our own breastfeeding underwear. Medela

Advantages of

breastfeeding underwear

compared to conventional underwear
There are good reasons to avoid conventional bras and panties during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding underwear does not require the bras to be underwired and uses materials with a high stretch content. This means that bras and panties fit the body comfortably without cutting in. At the same time

Medela The underwear collection for pregnant women offers support for the swelling breasts and the growing belly. After the birth, the bras and tops from Medela make breastfeeding easier. Depending on the model, the clips of the cups can be opened with one hand or the soft fabric can simply be pulled over the breast. The openings are deliberately large to allow intensive skin contact between mother and child. Of course, the nursing underwear is beautifully designed so that it can be worn as classic underwear even after this intensive period. At the same time, the microfibre material is so strong that there is support and at the same time so thin that the panties and bras do not show under the underwear.

Medela Use for the night

The breastfeeding underwear from Medela do not irritate or scratch the skin, but feel soft and comfortable. Since the underwear does not have seams or ironing, the individual pieces do not strain during the night. Instead, women have optimal freedom of movement. In the early stages of breastfeeding, babies do not yet drink regularly and the female body has not yet fully adjusted to breastfeeding. This is why there is often an outflow of milk during the night. To catch this and protect the sensitive breast at the same time, it is recommended to wear a sleep bra.

The right size of breastfeeding underwear

The average growth of the female breast during pregnancy is one cup size, with the peak being reached immediately after birth. At this time, the milk influx occurs and the baby begins to suckle at the breast. If the bra is made of an elastic material, as in the case of Medela it is not necessary to pay attention to the exact cup size, because the material adapts to the body. As a rule, the nursing bra will be one to two sizes larger than the conventional cup size, as it must also have room for nursing pads. The circumference of the underbust increases by up to 5 cm on average. To make it easier for breastfeeding women to buy Medela breastfeeding underwear, the German manufacturer offers its collections in the common sizes S, M, L and XL.