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Medela Feed breast milk

Breast milk is the basis for health and development for babies

Breast milk is healthy for babies. The milk from the mammary glands of the female breast contains significantly less protein than cow's milk, but contributes to the immune protection of the little ones through the bioactive proteins. This prepares babies for life outside the womb in the best possible way. Breast milk can be pumped and stored easily. This gives women more flexibility in the timing of breastfeeding, and their partner can also take over the feeding. The basic prerequisite for smooth feeding of children with expressed milk are bottles and teats that correspond to the natural breast. Medela offers a wide range of products for this purpose.

Bottles and teats from Medela for every drinking behaviour

With the milk bottles from Medela can be used in combination with breast pumps to collect the mother's milk and then store, freeze or feed it. The bottles are unbreakable and easy to clean. Of course, the bottles are also suitable for freezing breast milk and are available in different sizes. Well-cooled milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days and in the freezer for up to six months. Babies should drink the milk at room temperature or body temperature. The milk is warmed in a water bath. To avoid damaging the milk's delicate ingredients, breast milk should only be gently shaken and not heated in the microwave. In order to enable babies to drink naturally, we have Medela developed a teat with experts that encourages babies to create a vacuum when sucking. If the baby stops drinking, milk does not trickle out. Babies who are weak or sick are helped by a special teat that reacts to the slightest sucking movements by means of a slit in the teat and can create a vacuum. The classic teats are available from Medela in two sizes for slow or medium food flow.

Thorough cleaning of the Medela milk bottles and teats

After each feeding, the milk bottle and teat must be cleaned. The bottles can simply be put in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand with the appropriate bottle brush. Particularly practical are the microwave bags from Medelawhich clean bottles and teats with the help of electromagnetic waves. Each package contains five bags that can be used many times. Put all the breast milk accessories in the bag and place it in the microwave. Within just three minutes, this treatment destroys 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. Teats that have small tears through the palate or the first tips of the baby's teeth need to be replaced, as do teats that are used frequently. Medela offers replacement teats in all sizes.