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Medela Collect breast milk

Medela helps to feed breast milk correctly

Breast milk is the best food for newborns and small babies, because the whitish-yellow secretion from the female mammary glands provides the little ones with nutrients, vitamins and water. Breast milk is low in protein, but the protein it contains is digested much better by the little ones than cow's milk. However, some women and some babies have problems with breastfeeding and sucking. The female nipple may be flat or inverted, babies may not suckle hard enough and drink too little, or the nipples may be particularly sensitive. For these cases, the products from Medela offer help so that the little ones get the best nutrition.

Medela helps with breastfeeding with products

Difficulties with breastfeeding arise when babies cannot grasp the female nipple well with their mouth. Breast caps are small attachments that make it easier for babies with inverted or flat nipples to drink. The caps have a natural shape based on the female nipple and can be selected in three sizes. A handy storage box is included with the caps. While the caps completely enclose the nipple, the nipple shapers are circular auxiliary products that enable drinking with flat nipples. The soft silicone pads shape the nipples and ensure that they are well absorbed by the baby. Air holes in the ring circle allow good air circulation, so the formers feel comfortable against the skin.

Leaking milk is collected

For most women, the milk let-down occurs around three days after the baby is born. The female breast produces around one litre of breast milk per day, although babies only drink 200 to 250 ml per meal. The total amount is adjusted to the amount drunk. However, since breast milk is produced permanently, milk leakage can occur during breastfeeding periods. To prevent unsightly stains on clothing, Medela offers nursing pads in different qualities and designs. Microfibre pads are washable and feel very soft on the skin. The seams of these pads are ultrasonically sealed so that the milk is trapped inside the pads. Disposable pads are made of non-woven fabric and have a core of cellulose fabric to absorb the leaked milk. Washable silicone trays can also be used to collect the milk.

Protect the nipple with Medela

When the nipples are squeezed by the baby's hard palate, pain can occur during breastfeeding. The sensitive nipples then react more strongly to being rubbed by the woman's clothing. The nipple protection inserts from Medela can be worn discreetly under clothing thanks to their ergonomic shape and protect the cracked and sensitive nipples. The inserts are made of silicone, have air holes for good ventilation and are very thin. A high level of wearing comfort is thus achieved.