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Medela Brest pumps

Breast pumps from Medela - electric or manual?

There are many reasons why the support of a breast pump is needed. Whether breastfeeding will go smoothly or not only becomes clear after the birth. There are many factors that make the purchase of a breast pump necessary. Initial breastfeeding difficulties, insufficient milk production or returning to work - all of these factors make it necessary to buy a breast pump. Medela has the right breast pump for every situation.

What breast pumps are available from Medela

? The Symphony manual breastpump has a flexible adjusting breast shield that provides more milk and comfort. If you are rarely away from your child for hours at a time or would like to enjoy a free evening and still not miss the flexibility and spontaneity, this is the ideal solution. Medela Solo single breastpump is an electronic model and makes it easier for you to pump occasionally, unlike a manual breastpump. If you have a high milk production, this model will help you pump your milk in a comfortable way. If you want to return to professional life, the Medela Solo single breast pump is a suitable choice and your child does not have to do without your precious breast milk. In case of teething problems or low milk production, the electronic Medela Swing double breastpump provides the best possible support. Recommended by doctors and midwives, you will get twice as much milk in the same amount of time. It has been proven that 18% more milk can be extracted with the double breastpump. The latest addition to the range is the Freestyle electric double breastpump. This is the first model on the market that you can attach directly to your bra and discreetly express your milk. This way you can devote yourself to other everyday tasks and you have your hands free.

Electric and manual breast pumps - which is better?

For occasional pumping, a manual breast pump is perfectly adequate. It may be more strenuous to create the suction vacuum by hand. On the other hand, it is cheaper to buy and you do not need batteries or electricity. It is practical to carry around and takes up hardly any space in your bag or luggage. The electric breast pump is worth it in the long run if you use it a lot. Medela offers single and double breast pumps. If you need to express milk every day, an electronic breast pump is preferable. However, this takes up more space for transport than a classic model. There are battery-operated ones or ones that are connected to the mains. In any case, you must ensure the possibility of a power connection before use or carry spare batteries and have them at home. Whether electric or manual - all breast pumps from Medela are equipped with 2-Phase-Expression™ technology, which mimics the baby's natural sucking rhythm. In this way, the milk flow is optimally stimulated and pumping feels natural.