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Medela Breast care

Breast care for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding is a particularly intensive time for mother and child to get to know each other. Drinking from the breast gives the little one the best nutrition, because breast milk contains the proteins, nutrients and vitamins that babies need to grow and thrive. Although many women enjoy breastfeeding, a sore nipple can cause problems. Breast care is therefore particularly important and Medela offers the perfect products and aids for this purpose.

Nipples are particularly sensitive

Already during pregnancy, the female breast grows and the nipples become more sensitive. The milk ducts form, the mammary glands swell and the blood supply to the breast increases. After birth, the pressure in the breasts is increased by the babies' sucking. Sore nipples can result from the combination of the swollen mammary glands, the baby's sucking and the baby's saliva, which is why breast care is especially important during this time. Breast care consists of three pillars, proper cleansing, classic care with a cream and protection with hydrogel pads, breast caps and nursing pads.

Proper cleaning of sore nipples

The female breast is not soiled by breastfeeding the little one. It is sufficient to clean the breast with water so that inflamed warts are not further irritated by soap or shower gel. After washing, the warts should only be dabbed gently, as vigorous rubbing will cause further pain. It is sometimes helpful to let the warts air-dry, as the evaporation of the water creates a cooling effect. Cool air feels pleasant on sore nipples.

Breast milk is a universal home remedy

The enzymes contained in breast milk can heal wounds very quickly. After breastfeeding, a few drops of breast milk are massaged into the nipple. The milk dries in the air and encloses the sore nipple like a natural protective ring.

Natural products from Medela for breast care

Medela supports the harmonious mother-child relationship by producing breastfeeding products. This includes breast care products made from natural products. The nipple cream made from pure lanolin is made from sheep's wool and moisturises the sore nipples. As there are no additives, preservatives or fragrances, the cream does not need to be washed off before breastfeeding. Sore nipples heal very quickly with the cream. The hydrogel pads, which can be reused for 24 hours, are placed on the nipple after breastfeeding and relieve breast pain due to the cool surface. The pads can be placed in the fridge to increase the cooling effect. To prevent the sore nipples from rubbing on clothing, the use of nursing pads or nipple shields is recommended.