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Medela Baby products

Medela Baby products soothe the smallest ones

Sucking is an innate reflex in babies. It calms and relaxes the little ones. By sucking on their mother's breast, babies associate it with food intake and security. Because babies cannot be put to the breast all the time, dummies and teats offer a substitute. The baby products from Medela are made to support this natural sucking reflex. Paediatricians recommend offering teats to babies from the fourth week of life. The baby products can be used in situations that are upsetting for the little ones such as vaccinations or car rides, for falling asleep or in case of illness.

Special feature of the dummies from Medela

The company from Switzerland has been manufacturing baby products for over 60 years and supports families during the exciting time with their babies. Ergonomic considerations play a big role in the development of the teats. The teats are flat and have a symmetrical design to allow free movement of the tongue. The thin shaft reduces the distance between the upper and lower jaw and its light weight ensures that the muscles are not strained. The suction shield has a Medela has a shape that fits the jaw. This prevents pressure points on the face. As babies' skin is very sensitive, air holes and SensoPearls reduce the risk of redness. SensoPearls are small nubs on the bottom and top of the teat shield that ensure good air circulation. All teats from Medela are made of skin-friendly silicone. They are BPA and BPS free and contain no softeners.

The right size of Medela teats

Every teat must match the size of the child's mouth. If a teat is too big or too small, the natural sucking movement is not supported and the little ones feel uncomfortable. Medela therefore adapts the design of the soothers to the developmental stage of the children and divides the soothers for newborns up to 2 months, for babies up to 6 months and for toddlers up to or over 18 months.

Soothers with comfort

To ensure the cleanliness of the teats, every soother from Medela comes with its own protective cap. Parents should wet the soothers with hot water before each use or boil or sterilise them after use to protect the babies from bacteria. Once babies are used to their dummy, they like to fall asleep with it and need the dummy at night when they wake up briefly. The baby products for the night have a fluorescent, non-toxic material that glows at night. This makes it very easy for parents to find the dummy if the baby spits it out while sleeping. The night dummies have a comfortable knob instead of the classic dummy ring to prevent the little fingers from getting caught during sleep.

Colourful prints and pacifier chain

The classic dummies have a transparent design and no print. The day and night pacifiers are also available with fun prints and childlike motifs. Day dummies are equipped with a retaining ring to which a dummy chain can be attached. The chain is attached to the little one's clothing with a sliding holder to keep the dummy within reach at all times and to prevent it from falling off.