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Maxi Cosi pram

A Maxi Cosi pram for every lifestyle

With the birth of a child, life changes for many parents. To ensure that their lifestyle and usual activities remain the same, we offer Maxi Cosi offers a pram for every lifestyle. Whether walks are enjoyed on uneven terrain, the city is conquered with the Maxi Cosi conquered or whether a flexible use of the pram is necessary: Maxi Cosi offers with the different models a pram that is tailored to the needs of parents and children.

A suitable pram model for every age

The bones, cartilage and muscles of newborn babies are still soft and need strong support. Newborns and young babies are therefore transported lying down in a carrycot. The soft mattress, in combination with the good suspension of the prams Maxi Cosi the prams keeps the shocks away from the little ones. Depending on their development, children between six months and one year can sit upright independently. This is the time to change to a sports attachment on the pram or to a buggy.

The equipment of a Maxi Cosi pram

Every pushchair from Maxi Cosi is robust and pays attention to the safety of the little ones. An integrated harness system protects the little ones from falling out and is reinforced by a padded grab rail. The pads are soft and skin-friendly. They can be easily cleaned. The backrest and footrests are adjustable so that the little ones can look out into the world with curiosity or lie back comfortably for a little nap. The wheels are well sprung so as not to disturb the little ones' sleep despite bumps and to make pushing easier for the adults. Depending on the model, the prams are available with small or large wheels. Small wheels are particularly manoeuvrable and are popular for city paths, while large wheels have a smooth rolling behaviour and are ideal for off-road rides.

Convertible in just a few steps

Maxi Cosi uses adapters to enable multiple use of the pushchairs. With just a flick of the wrist, a baby seat from the car can be mounted on the pushchair frame. It is just as easy to change from the deep carrycot to the sport seat. The pushchair can also be folded in one easy step. The compact pack size allows the pushchair to be transported in any car.

Accessories for the pushchair

To ensure that the pushchair matches the individual lifestyle of children and adults, we offer Maxi Cosi offers numerous accessories. The mosquito net protects the little ones from annoying insects, the matching rain cover allows trips even in heavy rain and the sunshade that can be attached with a clip keeps the sun's rays away from baby's skin. The footmuff provides the little ones with pleasant warmth and the adult's hands don't freeze in the hand warmer. Numerous adapters for conversion and multiple use in the car are available.