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Maxi Cosi child seats

Maxi Cosi Child seats offer comfort and safety

Car journeys are often tiring and boring for small children. To keep them safe, we offer Maxi Cosi suitable child seats for every age. The use of car seats is regulated by law in each country and depends on the size, age and weight of the children. Car seats are divided into classes or groups and go from size 0 to size III.

Car seats from Maxi Cosi for the little ones

Newborns and babies up to 10 kg or 12 months are safe and protected all around in a baby car seat. The shells are ergonomically shaped and provide stable support for the soft muscles and bones of the little ones. The shells are installed facing backwards, either with the car's belt system or via the Isofix components. This ensures that in the event of an accident, the energy of the impact is transferred to the car body. Baby seats from Maxi Cosi have their own harness system and additional impact protection. For newborns, a seat reducer with an additional headrest is available. If the baby seats are fitted to the front passenger seat, the airbag system for this seat must be switched off.

Mounting child seats forward or rearward according to age

Babies celebrating their first birthday have usually reached a height of around 75 cm and should switch to group I child seats. However, the age specifications are only guidelines. The decisive factor is that the child's head should be around two finger widths below the edge of the baby Maxi Cosi The decisive factor is that the child's head should be about two finger widths below the edge of the baby car seat in order to ensure adequate protection for the children in the event of an accident. If the children are already older, then a change must be made to a reboarder or a classic child seat. Group I are seats that can be fitted in both driving directions, while group II are forward-facing booster seats. Reboarder have their own harness system and are fitted with Maxi Cosi with an additional seat reducer. Reboarders are suitable for children from 9 to 25 kg, group II is used by children weighing 15 to 25 kg. Classic child seats use the car's belt system and must therefore be used because these belts do not yet rest in the right place on the child's body. Group III is permitted for older children up to 13 years and a weight of up to 36 kg.

Special accessories for the child seats

The covers of the Maxi Cosi child seats are made of skin-friendly material. The covers are washable and can be replaced. Summer covers score points with their high air permeability. To protect against bright sunlight, a sun canopy can be purchased to match the baby seats. Older children who like to romp around the playground often get into a car with dirty shoes. To protect the car seats, a car seat cover can be clamped between the child seats of Maxi Cosi and the front seat. Complementary Isofix components ensure that the car seats are securely mounted, and the head cushions are an accessory for comfortable driving.