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Thule is a well-known and proven brand in the baby and children's market. The company has Swedish roots and was already founded in 1942. Among their most popular products are the Thule bike trailers and bike carriers as well as the Thule prams and buggies. Since its foundation, Thule has made it its main task to produce practical transport solutions for active families. Thereby, parents who are active in everyday life are addressed, but also outdoor enthusiasts. Thule wants to enable its customers to lead an unrestricted active life and has always manufactured products that are equally suitable for nature and the city. The priorities are quality and safety, but also the durability of the products. To ensure this, all products are put through their paces. What will perhaps especially please nature-loving parents: Thule attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. The products are manufactured in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible. When it comes to design, materials, functionality and manufacturing, they always put a lot of emphasis on not polluting the environment. At the same time, they are innovative and safe. And the design should not be underestimated either. The always two-year guarantee stands for the high quality of the products.

Active parents and the child always with them - buggies and prams from Thule

Out into the fresh air, hiking, walking, jogging. This is a dream for many parents. With the buggies and prams from Thule, this is possible - and with the children. Parents and children can enjoy a great day out in nature together or be active in the city. A Thule buggy is in no way restrictive. It is made in such a way that it is comfortable, safe and convenient for both child and parents. The jogger pushchairs from Thule are also particularly popular. These have a sleek design and are very lightweight. The top priority is safety and comfort - both for normal walking and when converted into a jogger. If you have two children, or perhaps want to take your own offspring's girlfriend or boyfriend with you from time to time, you can buy a Thule sibling stroller. This is designed for two children of different ages. Twins can also take part in the active life of their parents with the Thule twin stroller. Most models of the Thule sibling and twin pushchairs can also be converted into a bicycle or ski trailer.

On two wheels - bike and multisport trailers from Thule

The Thule bicycle trailers are designed for one to two children, who can then be taken along safely and very comfortably by bicycle. This way, active parents can also cycle and their kids are with them. The Thule bike trailers are very elegant and extremely versatile. For example, they can also be used for jogging, walking or skiing. The Thule pushchairs are perfect for both the city and the outdoors. The products are user-friendly, mobile, safe and comfortable - for parents as well as for children. The little ones are transported comfortably and are 100% safe. Parents also benefit from the comfort and ease of use. Thule attaches great importance to the fact that parents do not have to spend too much time on assembly and re-fitting. Therefore, bicycle trailers and all other products are very easy and quick to handle. With the Thule Multisport trailers, parents can pursue almost all leisure activities in the fresh air without having to leave the children at home. The trailers can easily be taken for a walk, but are also perfect for running, jogging, cycling and cross-country skiing. This way, parents can also pursue their favourite activities with their kids. The trailers are available for one or two children. Thule designed its first multisport trailers 25 years ago and has continued to improve in terms of quality, comfort and innovation. Since then, it has become a matter of heart for Thule to manufacture their products such as the trailers as comfortably, innovatively and qualitatively as possible, so that no wishes remain unfulfilled.

The models all have special functions and are intelligently designed and developed. The models should offer as many advantages as possible to both parents and children. So that active parents can live out their lifestyle easily and simply with their children and have fun at the same time. A Thule bicycle trailer offers many possibilities. It can be used in everyday life, for example, by converting it into a buggy in the city. It can also be taken jogging, if you use it as a jogger. It is also the perfect companion on hiking tours and excursions into nature and the best means of transport for the smallest among us. Especially the multisport models from Thule are incredibly versatile and suitable for both short and long distances. The children are transported comfortably and benefit just like their parents from the practical functions. They can even be used on rough terrain without suffering any damage. The models have very good suspension so that the child does not have to sacrifice comfort even on such terrain. The Thule bicycle trailers all meet the standards for child and road safety, for example through the 5-point safety system but also through the very good suspension. There are models for one to two children, in different designs, so that every mum and dad should find the right item for them.

Child bike seats - for more comfort and a better overview

Children are keen to take part in their parents' active lives. When it comes to cycling, Thule child bike seats are particularly suitable for this. They are ideal for everyday use, but also for longer trips by bike in the family. Whether on short or long trips, Thule child bike seats are very comfortable, safe and easy to use. Thule offers child bike seats for rear mounting as well as front bike seats for children. Both options offer children a great option to see the world from the bike. The design is intuitive and intelligent to ensure a carefree and enjoyable ride for both child and parent. The seats meet international safety standards for children and feature adjustable foot straps and rests, a child-proof lock, padded harnesses and award-winning designs. The front and rear child bike seats are suitable for children from nine months to three and six years respectively. The rear child bike seats have a maximum load limit of 22 kilograms. They have attachment points for the rear light as well as reflectors so that the ride remains safe at dusk or in the dark. The front child bike seats have a maximum load limit of 15 kilograms. This child seat from Thule is mounted above the handlebars. From there, the child also has the best view. All Thule child seats have been thoroughly tested and comply with international safety standards, such as those of the TÜV.

Always with you when hiking or on outings - the Thule child carrier

Child carriers by Thule are perfect for parents who want to take their children out into the fresh air, who like to hike or simply spend time outdoors. They are equally comfortable and safe for parents and children. The Thule child carriers are even suitable for multi-day excursions and tours through nature. In doing so, the parents who carry the carrier together with the child on their back experience a very pleasant carrying comfort. The children can see everything from there and are transported safely. The carrying straps are conveniently adjustable, so that the parents can take turns with the carrier without it taking up a lot of time. The Thule child carriers are intelligently designed, have many practical functions and are made of particularly durable materials. The back as well as the hip belt can be adjusted very easily and quickly. Both parents, man and woman, can carry the load comfortably - even for longer distances and longer hikes. The kids are transported comfortably and at the same time are safely and robustly bedded. The practical functions and high carrying comfort benefit the parents. The Thule child carriers also have sun and rain protection.
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