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The Puky company is known for safe and robust children's vehicles. The first balloon scooter was manufactured as early as 1949 and this was also the beginning of the company's successful history. While at that time production took place in Düsseldorf, in the Hohenzollern factory, today the company is based in Wülfrath. The manufacturer's product range now includes unicycles, go-karts, push bikes and scooters. In addition to children's bicycles, the company also produces bicycles for young people. Very important is the fact that there is a spare parts guarantee for all Puky products. And this offer does not end 5 years after purchase. The parts are ordered either directly from the factory or from the local dealer.

Puky impresses not only with the lasting value of its products, but also with its social commitment. In addition to the 100 employees who work in the company's own production, some services have been outsourced to workshops for adapted work. These are workshops that employ disabled people and enable them to earn their own living. There, between 2000 and 3000 Puky vehicles are professionally assembled and shipped every day. Sales are only made through specialised dealers and the success of "Quality made in Germany" proves the people responsible right. All vehicles are tested for safety at regular intervals in the company's own testing departments. The requirements exceed the generally applicable rules and standards many times over. All products are developed, designed and manufactured in Germany. The vehicles are so robust that they are passed on to siblings. There is also a great demand for second-hand products from Puky.

Ergonomics for children

From the buggy, to the tricycle for the youngest, to the top-of-the-range go-kart, all vehicles are manufactured according to anatomical criteria. There is something for every age group and they are used to train different characteristics. This is the sense of balance, endurance or concentration. Coordination between hands, eyes and feet is also an important aspect of riding.My first Puky is the first vehicle and can be used by small children. They should only be able to sit and walk freely. They move by kicking the ground hard and learn how to steer at the same time. The design is colourful and the frame is very sturdy. Most of the vehicles have an aluminium frame and powder coating.

Ceety® vehicles bring mobility for parents and children

The models consist of a tricycle, which is equipped with a basket and additional handlebars at the rear end. They are suitable for children from the age of 18 months and from a height of 80 cm. The seat of theCAT S6 Ceety® model is well padded and can be adjusted continuously. A 5-point safety harness protects the little ones from falling out. A sturdy luggage bag is mounted under the seat, which is also equipped with a shopping net. The ergonomically shaped push bar offers a lot of comfort. Parents' hands are protected and they can move their child for longer periods without tiring. The handlebars for the children are equipped with safety grips and the shock-resistant powder coating is almost immune to scratches and bumps. With the handbrake, little riders can brake on their own.

TheCAT S2 Ceety® is similar in design to the S6 model. It is designed for children from the age of 2. However, they should be 90 cm tall. The seat is not padded and the transport box cannot be removed. The tyres are all-plastic products that do not use air. This has the advantage of eliminating the risk of a flat tyre on the road.

Puky and Princess Lillifee

A touch of pink and lots of glitter, that's what little ladies like. After all, these are the colours that characterise the popular princess. The designers at Puky listened to the wishes of their fans and created the "Princess Lillifee Collection". A pink tricycle for children from 2 years is decorated with a pennant showing the princess. The vehicle complies with the TÜV's safety regulations and it rides on thick pneumatic tyres. A handbrake and a tipping trough are part of the standard equipment. We continue with the bicycles, which are available in three versions that differ in the size of the wheels. All of them have a pink frame decorated with stickers of the princess. The mudguard and a small pennant are also designed in this way. In addition to a stand, there is both a coaster brake and a rim brake. The tyres have ball bearings and the rims are made of aluminium. The frame is made of the same material. The handlebars are ergonomically shaped and equipped with safety pads. Good light in the form of front and rear reflectors offers optimum safety. The little ones can draw attention to themselves with the sturdy bicycle bell.

For little pirates and fans of Capt'n Sharky

The pirate captain Sharky has been delighting mainly boys for many years. They read or listen to the adventures with Fips the monkey and Isi the turtle. Puky offers several vehicles that show at first glance that the owner is a fan of Sharky. The running bike, which is designed for children from 3 years of age, has been awarded the "Spiel gut" seal. With it, boys from a height of 90 cm can demonstrate their skills. A tricycle and 3 bicycle models are part of the collection around Capt'n Sharky and his friends. They are all roadworthy and already equipped with good accessories. These include the mudguard, the bell as well as front and rear lights. The little adventurers can safely stow their backpack or water bottle on the luggage rack.

A wide range of accessories for all vehicles

Good accessories are just as important as the safety of the vehicles. Children should learn early on that they should not ride their bikes without a helmet. It protects them from serious injuries to the head and it is best if parents set an example. Helmets come in different sizes and colours. All are equipped with large ventilation openings and a chin strap. The strap can be closed with a buckle and the padding protects the jaw in case of a fall. Inside the helmet is the adjustment ring and this ensures the optimum fit. The insect screens prevent insects from getting on the children's heads when they are riding fast. This is especially important when wasps are on the move.

Special carrying straps can be purchased for the wheels. They can be adjusted to the size of the parents, making it easier to transport the bike. Special bags for the running bikes are attached in front of the saddle. This is where the water bottle and provisions are safely stored. A handlebar bag is also available as an accessory. Since it is equipped with a carrying strap, it can also be used as a shoulder bag. If you often ride in the mud or on paths with puddles, you will want to have a mudguard fitted to the rear wheel. It protects the driver and clothes from wetness and dirt.

On the road with a go-kart

The go-karts from Puky impress with their robustness and attractive design. There are models that have been around for over 15 years and still work perfectly. The new vehicles meet the increased requirements and the findings of ergonomists. The tyres are either pneumatic or solid plastic wheels with ball bearings. Safety is ensured by the handbrake and the adjustable kart bucket seat. Depending on the model, the go-karts are equipped with a spoiler and bumper. This is another detail that contributes to accident protection. The automatic freewheel enables forward and reverse gears as well as freewheeling.

Unicycle and scooter as a start for cycling

Children learn quickly and that best when playing. To make it even easier for them to start cycling, unicycles and scooters are ideal vehicles. They train coordination and balance. The scooter also strengthens the leg muscles. Children learn the different levels of speed and also practise braking and steering. Both unicycle and scooter are equipped with ball-bearing tyres. The bell and a mudguard are also part of the equipment. To ensure that the little ones stand safely, the footboard is equipped with a non-slip covering. The saddles of the bicycles have been shaped according to ergonomic principles and are suitable for children. They optimally support the movements and offer a high degree of safety. The wheels are available in three tyre sizes. Scooters and running bikes are available in many child-friendly designs and bright colours.

5-year warranty speaks for itself

Buyers can see that the manufacturer is convinced of its products from the warranty period of 5 years (from the date of purchase). Since 2016, this has applied to the frame, forks and handlebars. In addition, the warranty period is transferable and can be claimed by all subsequent owners. The only requirement is that the vehicle is registered online within 4 weeks of purchase. Damage caused by improper use or overloading is excluded.
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