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Penaten has been developing high-quality and innovative care products for babies for more than 100 years. The focus of product development is always on the well-being of babies and skin compatibility. Penaten's care products contain only high-quality ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. Penaten Baby Cream prevents sore baby bottoms and ensures greater well-being. In addition to the famous wound protection cream in the blue tin, Penaten also offers many other skin care products such as lotions, powders and oils. In our online shop you will find the most popular products from Penaten.

Penaten: Origin & History

Sore baby bottoms were still a common problem until the beginning of the 20th century. The sensitive baby skin was attacked by acids and excretions, and more open patches appeared when the baby was changed in a nappy. Until the druggist Max Riese finally had the brilliant idea: he mixed a cream against sore babies' bottoms that was extraordinarily adhesive and moisture-repellent: Penaten Baby Cream was born and sold like hot cakes. The basic substance consisted of wool fat, which the chemist extracted from sheep's wool. To this day, the valuable wool fat is one of the main ingredients of the cream. Zinc oxide and allantoin, which are also contained in the cream, help the skin to regenerate.

On 17 September 1904, Max Riese finally registered the cream for a patent as "skin preservative Penaten Creme". Incidentally, the name "Penaten" is derived from the ancient Roman patron gods for happiness. Riese's wife Elisabeth came up with the idea. In the years that followed, production of Penaten Baby Creme continued to expand. In 1939, 500,000 cans are already sold. Today, the Penaten company is still considered the first port of call when it comes to well-tolerated hair and skin care products for babies. Besides the famous cream, the brand now also sells lotions, shampoos and powders.

Are Penaten products good for babies?

Penaten body care is best suited for sensitive baby skin. Since its foundation in 1904, the manufacturer has paid strict attention to high-quality ingredients that serve to protect the sensitive nappy area. In addition to the wound protection cream, the manufacturer also offers Sensitive Shampoos, which are ideally suited for the sensitive scalp of babies. Care lotions, cream baths and oils also protect the delicate baby skin. Penaten is constantly launching new innovative products for babies and mums. The products are based on the latest research findings. The focus is not only on special skin compatibility, but also on the baby's well-being and sleep patterns. With Penaten baby care, the baby is offered protection, care and security.

Buy Penaten products online

There is now a huge selection in the area of skin care for babies. It is often difficult for new parents to make the right purchase decision. Baby care must be well tolerated and protect the baby's sensitive skin. In addition, the application of creams, oils and shampoos should feel good for the baby - it should increase the well-being of the little one. Penaten has specialised in all these criteria for more than 100 years. Parents still rely on Penaten's innovative products today.

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