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mifold is an American company that has brought practical and extremely space-saving child seats onto the market. Founder Jon Sumroy recognised the problem himself in everyday life, when his own children went along in a car belonging to relatives or acquaintances, child seats were not always available. In order to ensure full safety for the children during the journey, it would be perfect if there were a child seat that was compact, light and therefore perfectly suitable for taking along.

It was precisely this problem that mifold tackled and developed child seats with exactly the characteristics I just mentioned. Under the motto "Child safety is our passion", 12 people currently work in the mifold team and bring these revolutionary products to the market. The success of their work is also reflected in the awards the team has already received for their products, which meet regulations worldwide. Currently, the company has two product lines in its range. The first is the mifold, this child seat serves as a simple and compact elevation. Among other things, it is perfect to take along due to its extremely low weight of just 750 grams and the hardly needed space when folded.

In addition, the so-called hifold is offered, which is a child seat with back support. In addition to the 243 individual adjustment combinations, it also scores with its space-saving features, because when folded it is only as big as a normal handbag. A mifold child seat offers the child exactly the same safety standards as a regular one, but is only ten times smaller. With these features, the company can proudly claim to have the world's most advanced and compact child seat on the market.

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