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Safe and comfortable ride thanks to Kiddy
If you are expecting a baby, you should think about the right choice of initial equipment in advance. In addition to wardrobe, nursery furniture, child care products and prams, you also need a safe and comfortable means of transport for your offspring. Even the first ride in the car should be a pleasant experience for your child. During your own research and exchange of experiences with other parents, you have certainly come across the Kiddy brand.

The company Kiddy is a well-known and popular manufacturer from Germany, and has become famous for the production of safe child seats. The products are sold worldwide. The range includes baby car seats, child seats, prams and accessories such as bags or carriers. Kiddy products convince with their safety, their quality and with the variety of pretty designs.

Brief history of origins

In 1966, Curt Würstl, who was American by birth, founded the company Sicartex in Munich. In the early days, the company produced floor mats and seat covers for cars. Over the next few years, the product range changed several times until the first child seat was born in 1978. Stiftung Warentest immediately named it the test winner.

In the 1990s, the Kiddy brand became increasingly popular due to its high quality standard and unique design, and conquered the international market. Today, the company is represented by subsidiaries in over 50 countries in Asia, the USA and Europe. To this day, Kiddy is a German family business with its headquarters in Hof, Bavaria.

What can you expect from Kiddy?

The company has been providing safety, comfort and quality for your children for over 50 years. In its own development department, a team is constantly researching new methods to further develop the products and thus make them even better. Kiddy is a leader in material research, for example. The research team has succeeded in making the child seats even lighter. In the event of a collision, less mass is moved forward. Kiddy guarantees that the safety of its products is constantly tested by independent testing institutes and strict in-house inspections. The fact that you and your children are close to the company's heart can be seen from the many awards from independent test institutes that have been awarded throughout the company's history since the first child seat in 1978.

The magazine "Auto Motor und Sport" awarded the Phoenixfix pro 2 the seal of recommendation. In the Group I crash test, safety was tested and the handling of the child seat during installation was tested. It received the seal of recommendation. In 2015/2016, the evo-lunafix baby car seat even received the Plus X Award in five categories. The categories were quality, design, functionality and healthy reclining. Here, the baby car seat's reclining function in particular was put under the microscope and tested for its effectiveness for orthopaedic reclining. The Evoluna i-Size baby car seat with recline function was put through its paces by Stiftung Warentest and ADAC in 2016. It emerged as the test winner among 26 tested models in the 0+ i-Size group. The German Design Award is an award in the category "The Best Product". The Click'n Move 3 pushchair was awarded this in 2016.


The main focus at Kiddy is on child seats. The categories of the child seats are based on the age and weight of your child.
Your child grows in the womb for nine months and lies in a curved position. When it sees the light of day, its bones are still soft and its muscles weak. That's why you should choose a baby car seat from Kiddy.

Choose either the Evoluna i-Size, which is the only one in the world that also supports the recline function in the car. This guarantees optimum comfort for your little one. The safety of your baby is guaranteed by the side impact protection and the one-click fastening with the Kiddy Isofix Base 2, which is currently the safest baby car seat in the world. You can use the car seat from birth, up to an age of about fifteen months or up to a maximum weight of thirteen kilograms. You can also use the Evoluna i-Size for your pram instead of the carrycot. This way, your little one doesn't need to be moved when the car journey is over.

Or you can opt for the Evolution Pro 2, which offers a lie-flat function outside the car. The Evolution Pro2 has a built-in comfort slatted base, which in turn provides the perfect body support. It can be secured in the car with the seat belt or with the Kiddy Isofix Base 2. Fitted into your pushchair frame, the subsequent journey out will be a pleasure for you and your baby. Can be used from birth from fifteen months and a weight of thirteen kilograms.

The shells may only be fitted against the direction of travel. An insert is included for newborns. The covers of the infant carriers are washable and have an adjustable sun canopy. Their low weight of less than five kilograms makes them easy to handle for you as parents. Compatible with most common types of prams.

You will also find the perfect car seat in the Kiddy range as your child slowly gets bigger and older. The modern colour selection and soft padded seats will delight you and your child, making every car journey special. Three test winners are available for you to choose from. As the tests of Stiftung Warentest and ADAC prove, the company has ensured the optimal safety of your children. All child seats have side impact protection, shock-absorbing materials in the head and shoulder area, the impact shield system and the Kiddy shock absorber, which absorbs the energy occurring at the 3-point belt and thus protects your child when braking or in the event of a collision. A seat cushion is included for the very youngest from nine months. They can be used immediately after your little one has outgrown the infant carrier. Even more comfort and safety is provided by the k-fix+ connectors, which allow the seat to be moved sideways. Attach the models with or without Isofix system.

The Guardianfix 3 is the test winner in May 2017, in the group up to 36 kg and an age of 12 years. No matter whether at the baby age of 9 months, as a toddler or at the age of 12 years. This child seat grows with you and is simply converted accordingly to meet the developmental stage of your child. The backrest is adjustable in width and height for the correct seating position. The leg rest is adjusted according to leg length.

The Phoenixfix 3 received its test ratings in 2016. If you prefer a child seat that is made for kids from nine months to four years, the model of the Phoenix series meets your expectations. You can also use this seat right after the infant carrier. For ergonomic sitting, adjust the backrest and footrest as needed. This seat will accompany you until your child reaches the weight limit of 36 kilograms.

The latest model in the Cruiserfix series, the Cruiserfix 3, won in May 2017, in its group of tested child seats. Stiftung Warentest and ADAC gave it the test rating "good". It is designed for children from a weight of 15 kg to 36 kg, i.e. approximately from the age of three until the age of twelve. The backrest is adjustable in width and height. The leg rest has a 5-way adjustable function.

The range of pushchairs from Kiddy is also becoming increasingly popular. The Evostar 1, the Evocity 1, the Evoglide 1 and the Click`n Move can all be used from the beginning and grow with the child. For newborns, place the infant carrier or the carrycot on the aluminium frames. You will be impressed by the small folding size and the lightness of the models. The pushchairs are equipped with durable PU tyres and front lockable swivel wheels and all-wheel suspension. The manoeuvrability and safety make every outing a pleasure. The adjustable backrests and adjustable footrests, the padding and the sun canopy are standard. You will find the ideal companion for you and your child in the prams from Kiddy. If you have twins or a toddler and a baby, this is also no problem. The Evostar 1 can easily be converted into a twin or sibling pushchair. These great and practical pushchairs are available in chic designs and modern colours.

Do you want even more comfort and functionality for you and your child? Choose the product you need from the wide range of accessories. The Kiddy company offers you, in addition to footmuffs, covers, diaper bags, belt reducers and cushion protectors to match your infant carriers and child seats.

The Kiddy promise

You can also see that you can rely on the company by the fact that Kiddy offers you the Accident-Plus Service. This includes the promise that you can have your child seat checked by Kiddy after an accident for any damage that is not immediately apparent. If there is damage, the damaged seat will be replaced with a new child seat free of charge.

Information about the products and services of the Kiddy company can be found on their homepage, in specialist shops and in online shops.
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