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Hauck is one of the leading manufacturers of baby products. From baby beds to pram accessories, from safety articles to toys - everything that makes a baby's and parent's heart beat faster is offered by hauck. Safety and quality are particularly important to the German family business with a long tradition. The products meet all important safety standards and are precisely tailored to the needs of parents and children.

The history of the family business

In 1923, Felix Hauck founded a basket-making workshop in Sonnefeld in Upper Franconia. This lovingly handcrafted basket cradles for newborns. A few years later, a christening gown collection was added. In the 1970s, the company expanded its product range to include cots and prams.

iCoo, a lifestyle brand by hauck for parents with the highest demands, is founded in 2002. The hauck product range continues to expand. Pram sets and sibling pushchairs, buggies, highchairs, car seats, travel cots, rockers, door safety g ates and many other articles are now sold in over 86 countries worldwide. hauck also offers licensed products from Disney Baby.

It is particularly important to the company to fulfil the trust of young parents in the safety of the products. Almost all articles have a GS seal (tested safety). The company has also received numerous awards, including from "Öko-Test", "Mother & Baby", "Plus X Award" and "Made for Mums".

The lifestyle brand iCoo by hauck also receives numerous prizes and awards. Among other things, the iCoo ACROBAT XL PLUS TRIO pushchair set is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2017, beating 5,500 entries from 54 nations.

The most successful products from hauck

Hauck pushchairs

Prams represent the largest product group that the company sells worldwide. Particularly popular are so-called "travel systems", i.e. complete sets consisting of a combination pram with a seat and reclining unit and a matching car seat for group 0+. The car seat can be placed on the chassis of the pram and thus allows special flexibility and mobility.

The pushchairs that hauck manufactures tend to belong to the lower price segment. Nevertheless, the manufacturer attaches great importance to safety and quality. In addition, all products have a modern, appealing design and are oriented towards the wishes and needs of the customers. Colourful licensed products from Disney can also be found among the prams.

The German company offers many different models so that there is the right pram for every family. Depending on the needs, there are particularly light, compact models or those that are suitable for extended city and country tours. Pushchairs with pneumatic tyres are also offered.

In addition to travel systems with a car seat, there are also numerous sports strollers and buggies, i.e. purely sit-on strollers. These are particularly manoeuvrable and light and can be folded compactly. If you are travelling with older children, these are the best solution. While pushchairs offer greater seating and driving comfort, buggies are particularly simple and compact. These seat pushchairs from hauck are also available in numerous colours and variants. Whether three or four tyres, double tyres, pneumatic tyres, Disney design or plain black - there is something for every need and taste. Depending on the equipment, most pushchairs range in price from about 50 to 120 €.

Families with multiple children or children with a small age gap have also been considered: the family business offers several sibling pushchairs. There are 4 different models in which the two seating units are arranged either behind or next to each other. The DUETT 2 model also offers the option of combining a carrycot with a seat shell, for siblings of different ages. The ROADSTER DUO SLX is a twin or sibling pushchair with two seat units arranged side by side. By combining it with the 2 in 1 carry cots, it can be used as a pram from birth.

Both the DUETT 2 model and the FREERIDER model, in which the siblings can sit one behind the other, can be combined with a car seat. The second seat unit, which is positioned further down, can be easily removed so that the pushchair becomes a practical single pushchair.

Car seats

Hauck offers various car seats that have won several awards and meet the highest safety standards. There are seats for newborns, for toddlers and for children up to 12 years. An ISOFIX base is also offered to match, with which the seats can be anchored particularly securely in the car. All models allow a sleeping position with a slightly flatter angle. The covers made of pleasant microfibre materials are removable and washable.

High chairs and rockers

The children's product manufacturer has several high chairs and baby rockers in its range. Many high chairs can also be combined with a suitable baby bouncer, e.g. the ALPHA BOUNCER 2 in 1, and thus be used from birth. The SIT'N RELAX model already consists of a set with two attachments and is therefore suitable for newborns as well as children from sitting age.

The ALPHA+, BETA+ and GAMMA+ highchairs are mainly made of wood and can be adjusted to accommodate children up to adulthood. The special construction of the side parts makes them particularly tip-proof. The ALPHA+ model was even awarded the Öko-Test rating "Good" in 2016. It is made of beech wood from European, sustainable cultivation. Eating boards, harness systems and comfortable seat pads are available as accessories for all wooden high chairs.

Safety articles

As soon as children are able to move around by crawling, crawling and walking, they want to explore their surroundings full of curiosity. To prevent worse accidents from happening to them in the process, the home should be childproofed. Hauck offers a wide range of tested safety products for this purpose. There are different types of door guards that are very easy to attach using adhesive pads. Socket protectors are also very easy to attach and can be removed without leaving any residue. For corners and edges, there are edge protectors made of transparent plastic. Doors do not become a danger for small children's hands with a door stop and pinch protection. And for all other corners and edges, e.g. of tables, cupboards and other pieces of furniture, there is a universal foam edge protector with a total length of 2 or 4 m that can be cut to size.

Another particularly popular sub-group among hauck's safety articles are the various safety gates. In addition to various stair and door safety gates, which can be adapted to any passage width with the appropriate extensions, there are also flexible fireplace safety gates and playpens.

The universal playpen BABY PARK by hauck consists of 5 side parts and a door element, which can either be assembled into a circular playpen or used as an individual barrier for large living spaces. The soft play blanket also makes the playpen suitable as an alternative to a travel cot. The FIREPLACE GUARD XL, a fireplace safety gate consisting of 4 side parts and a door element, is similarly constructed.

Another safety item from hauck is the SLEEP'N SAFE and SLEEP'N SAFE PLUS bed safety gates. The Plus model can be folded in the middle and therefore has compact transport dimensions for travelling. The bed guards are attached without drilling by simply tucking them under the mattress and prevent the child from falling out of bed.


Many differently equipped models of travel beds and playpens can be found in the hauck product range. They can be folded quickly and easily and transported with a practical carry bag. There are also travel mattresses to match the bed sizes, which can also be conveniently folded and carried. There are smaller travel cots for newborns with a suspended lying surface. The DREAM'N CARE CENTER model can also be used as an extra bed thanks to the lowerable side part. Also in the range is the DREAMER model, which combines the advantages of a mobile extra bed, a bassinet, a cradle and a travel cot and can be folded compactly.

For somewhat larger children, there are the travel cots SLEEP'N PLAY and DREAM'N PLAY, both in the classic cot size of approx. 120 x 60 cm and as a playpen with a mattress size of approx. 90 x 90 cm. They are available in many different colours and designs.

The BABYCENTER baby cot from hauck has a particularly extensive range of accessories. With a mattress size of 120 x 60 cm and a bed curtain to adjust the height of the lying surface, it can be used from birth to toddler age. Like all travel cots, it folds up small and can be transported with a practical carry bag. It comes with an attachable changing mat, a spacious utensil tray that can be attached to the side and a mobile with a music box. The bed has castors at one end, making it particularly easy to move from one room to another. The exclusive features also make the set perfect as a second bed for grandma and grandpa, as it comes with everything the baby needs. The hauck BABYCENTER baby bed has already won the Practical Pre-School Award twice as well as the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Award.

A companion from birth to kindergarten age

The above-mentioned categories represent only a foray through the extensive range of the German children's article producer. In addition to many different accessories for prams and the like, there are also breastfeeding chairs, baby carriers and play centres for babies. In short, everything parents need to lovingly care for their little darlings. In keeping with the philosophy of the family business - hauck accompanies children from the day they are born until they reach kindergarten age.

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