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Haba is a German company that was founded in 1938 as a factory for wooden toys and has its headquarters in Bad Rodach, Bavaria. Haba products are distributed in over 50 countries, with a product range of more than 1500 items. In addition, about 500 new products are added every year.

The highest quality and safety are just as much a part of Haba's philosophy as environmentally friendly production. Haba toys should make children's eyes light up, be fun and at the same time enable playful encouragement. Under the motto "Only the best for the little ones", not only wooden toys are produced in the company's own factory at the headquarters in Bad Rodach. Haba's range also includes furniture, lamps, carpets, games and books.

For babies, Haba offers a large selection of first toys that playfully stimulate the sensory and motor skills of the little ones. The assortment ranges from grasping toys, wooden toys and fabric toys to standing figures, play trainers and play arches as well as music boxes. Soother chains and pram chains as well as mobiles and baby books are also available for the minis at Haba.

In the toy sector, Haba has a large selection of building blocks in its range. Whether unpainted basic bricks in different pack sizes, coloured bricks, exploration, patience and fantasy bricks, discovery bricks for the little ones or logic bricks for the older ones - there are no limits to the imagination and building fun at Haba.

The marble run as a toy with a high development potential is also available from Haba in a wide variety of versions. "Drum", "trampoline", "snake and bell track", "jump", "propeller ramp", "shooting tower" or "mogul track" - these are the names for a selection of ball track variants. Ball track fun is guaranteed in any case, and for the little ball track beginners there is a basic track for first play. Basic laws of physics are introduced to children in a natural and creative way when they playfully try out the various ball track elements.
The ball track system of the "Kullerbü" theme world is also very popular, with more than 50 different products to choose from. The lovingly designed and flexibly expandable Kullerbü play system around ball Paul and his friends offers limitless possibilities and many effects that stimulate creativity and accompany children from two to eight years.

Children want to understand the world in the truest sense of the word - and Haba offers a large selection of creative products here too. This ranges from handicraft sets, threading games and nail games to magnetic games, music sets, plug-in and sorting games.

Pull-along toys such as the "Pulling duck", a real classic that has been manufactured by Haba since 1954, accompany the little ones as they take their first steps.
Wooden baby carriages with different effects such as the "Klick Klack", "Werkel Zwerg" or the "Entdeckerwagen" provide for the first adventures on two legs.
Haba has a large selection of dolls and accessories for little doll mothers and fathers. The "Little Friends" series offers the minis a whole world of different little bendy dolls with a size of about ten centimetres, matching doll houses and furnishings. A horse stable, a gymnastics and ballet school and a jumping tournament play set are also included in the more than 60 products of the "Little Friends" theme world.

But Haba also has soft cotton dolls with hair that can be styled and clothes that are easy to put on and take off thanks to Velcro fasteners. The cheeky doll "Fabian", the cute "Lilli" or the funny "Lisbeth" will quickly become your best friend and can be used for creative role play. Matching doll's prams, furniture and sets of clothes round off the range around the approximately 30 centimetre high rag dolls and make children's hearts beat faster.

Children want to discover the world of adults from their own perspective, and where better to do that than in the shop or in the children's kitchen. In the "Haba Mini Shop" made of wood with an umbrella or in the "Shopping Happiness" shop, a wide variety of products can be bought or sold just like the grown-ups. From the divisible "Buon appetito" pizza made of felt and velour to the sliceable sausage made of plastic with matching knife to the cheese slicing set made of felt or the shopping nets with wooden fruit and vegetables, there is nothing in the Haba shop that is not available.

The "cooking angle" made of wood with two plates and the "Lotta" children's tableware also ensure that there is no room for boredom in the children's kitchen. Practical utensils from the "Family Food Stars" range such as children's aprons, the baking utensil set, fun colourful muffin and ice cube moulds made of silicone or the children's measuring cup can also be used in the real adult's kitchen. With child-friendly equipment, the kids become real kitchen helpers in no time at all.

A puppet theatre is a must in the children's room and makes children's eyes light up with creative puppets. In the Haba wooden puppet theatre, colourful puppets such as Punch, the policeman, the crocodile and the king, but also the magician, the princess or the spider can experience exciting adventures and take the little ones into an imaginative world. And when the curtain has fallen after the play, the Haba puppet theatre can be transformed into a shop in a flash.

For small rooms with little space, the Haba door theatre is also a great option: fixed in the door frame with a telescopic rod, it can be loaded up for the next theatre performance in no time at all.
Children love water - whether it's an evening swim at home, on the beach, at the quarry pond, in the garden or on the playground. Haba also offers a large selection of different products in terms of water toys. From the "ball track bathing fun", which is attached to the bathroom tiles with suction cups, to various fun splash figures, to the amphibious vehicle or the fishing set, there are a wide variety of water toys. Bathing becomes an experience and the element of water is used for creative play.

In addition to wet water, sand is of course a must in children's world of adventure. In the "Outdoor" section, Haba offers its little customers over 70 sand toys. The selection ranges from the sand cake baking set, the sand ice cream parlour, the sand breakfast set and the large sand candy bakery to the sand builder set and the sand craftsman set. Various sand moulds, shovels, buckets, sieves and vehicles complete the range and nothing stands in the way of great sand fun.

Fresh air is important and outdoor games are indispensable for children's development. Here too, Haba offers creative and high-quality products that combine playful encouragement and fun. Various colourful balls, the throwing game "Fangsicher" or soft fabric balls for the little ones offer something for every age. The range is complemented by the "Terra Kids" product series, which is all about nature experiences. From Frisbee sets to child-friendly tools for carving, insect magnifying glasses and beakers, explorer bags and explorer belts to fishing sets, mini pocket knives and boomerangs, there is everything to make little explorers' hearts beat faster.

Creative construction kits such as the "nesting box construction kit", the "off-road vehicle construction kit" or the "catamaran" construction kit also fascinate older children and offer stimulation from around six years of age.
Games, books and various items for the children's room round off Haba's product range and ensure a child-friendly world full of imagination and playful encouragement.
Children love play tents in which they can hide and retreat their very own world. Haba offers 16 of these mobile dwellings, from the "Lion's Den" with a tunnel in front of the entrance to the enchanted "Magic Forest" play tent or the "Pirate's Treasure" play tent for little adventurers to girls' dreams like the "Princess Rosalina" play tent or the "Rose Fairy" and "Fairy Garden" play tents, leaving nothing to be desired.

Different swing models for the children's room provide motoric-sensory stimulation even for the very youngest children, when they enjoy the special feeling of swinging freely in the "Horse" baby swing, the "Luftikus" baby swing or the "Slumber Meadow" hanging cradle. But also for older children there is the swing "Little Dragon", the swing "Little Elf" or the swing model "Solemio". So nothing stands in the way of a lot of swinging fun in the children's room.

Slumber lamps and slumber lights, colourful children's carpets, beanbags and cushions, children's furniture, children's wardrobes and storage elements ensure that the children's room becomes an imaginative and colourful realm in which the little ones can grow up in a child-friendly way.

Of course, books and games also belong in the colourful children's world, where there is so much to experience and discover. Here too, Haba offers a large selection of high-quality products. More than 100 children's games for different age groups with the categories "big games", "bring-along games", "card games", "gift gnomes", "learning games", "memos and laying games" and "my first games" leave nothing to be desired. A total of over 90 children's books from the sections "baby books", "picture books", "entry books and colouring books", "cardboard picture books" and "play books" make reading aloud and looking together a great experience. Various wooden and frame puzzles round off Haba's creative range of products for children's experiences and learning.
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