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Bugaboo - Urban prams for trendsetters
Since 1999, the Dutch company Bugaboo has been developing prams and accessories for urban trendsetters who want to discover the world and stay mobile even with a child. The company was founded by designer Max Barenbrug and medical doctor Eduard Zanen, neither of whom was happy with the range of prams they had to choose from when they had their first child. Both were looking in vain for a manoeuvrable, chic pram that adapted to modern family life and was also practical for big-city nomads.
Obviously, the two were not alone in their wishes and requirements. Because very quickly Bugaboo advanced to become the lifestyle brand for urban prams and it is impossible to imagine the big cities of the world without it. But the prams of the Dutch company also cut a fine figure in the countryside, because after almost 20 years on the market, the company has now also developed the right pram for country trips and other occasions. But all models have one thing in common and make the prams of the brand a cult: the stylish designs and well thought-out functionality. Bugaboo has won over more than 1 million customers all over the world - and the trend is rising. The company's success story began with theBugaboo Bee model, which represented a real revolution on the pram market.
Until then, there was no pram that was so light, manoeuvrable and chic and at the same time met all ergonomic requirements. Today, the pram is already in its 5th edition and has lost nothing of its original innovation. Suitable from birth, this pram accompanies the child until it can walk and convinces with many practical features. The backrest and push bar are height-adjustable and can thus be optimally adapted to the size of the child and parents. The four-wheel suspension ensures that the pram is easy to turn and still rides stably and safely - an absolute advantage, especially in the city.
With suitable adapters, the Bugaboo Bee can also be converted into a travel system, which means that it can be used with a car seat for short journeys on foot. Another special feature of the Bugaboo Bee is its compact folding size. It can be folded easily and quickly with one hand and fits into the smallest car boot. The sun canopy with UV protection factor 50+ can also be extended to reliably protect the child not only from the sun, but also from rain and snow. The fabric, colours, hubcaps and handles of the Bugaboo Bee can be individually combined. This allows parents to create their own personal design - entirely according to personal preferences and taste.
By the way, this applies to all models of the brand. Another member of the Bugaboo family is theBugaboo Buffalo. In contrast to theBugaboo Bee, this model has large pneumatic tyres, which makes the Buffalo the perfect companion for walks in the woods and on uneven terrain, but it also works in the big city. This model can also be used from birth to toddler age and can be designed according to your own wishes and ideas. With this model, stowing the shopping is no longer a problem. So if you don't have a car and do a lot of shopping on foot, the Buffalo is a good choice. It is a real space-saver and can carry up to 16 kilograms of luggage.
That's why the storage tray is particularly spacious and the basket is a good distance from the carrycot or sports seat. Bag hooks integrated into the push handles provide even more stowage options and bags can be easily attached. However, the absolute bestseller from the Bugaboo collection is by far theBugaboo Cameleon, which is now available in its third edition. It is the perfect solution for many parents because it can be used on any terrain and is therefore the perfect alternative to the Bugaboo Bee or Bugaboo Bufallo. The small swivel wheels at the front of the stroller make the model particularly light and manoeuvrable. If the road surface becomes uneven, the push bar can simply be folded down and the larger wheels are at the front.
This makes the pram less manoeuvrable, but particularly stable and safe to push. And for snow and beach walks, this model can even be pushed with just the two large wheels, making even the most difficult terrain easy to negotiate. In addition, the swivel wheel suspension of the Cameleon can be individually adjusted to the weight of the child, making the ride a relaxed affair for the little passenger as well. Unlike many prams, the Bugaboo Cameleon does not require an additional sport seat when the child outgrows the carrycot. The carrycot can be converted into a sports seat in just a few easy steps.
There are also numerous personalisation options for the Cameleon and always unusual limited editions and design collaborations that make this pram something very special. For active and sports-loving parents, the Dutch company developed theBugaboo Runner, which with its three large wheels ensures a safe and straight run and can therefore be used particularly well for sports activities. The Runner is available in two versions, which is particularly pleasing for parents who already own a Bugaboo pram. You can either buy the Runner as a complete set with its own seat or just the frame, which is compatible with all seats of the Cameleon, Bee, Bufallo or Donkey models and thus transforms them into a sports pram.
And Bugaboo is also ahead of the game when it comes to sibling prams, because theBugaboo Donkeymodel can be used in three variations and thus optimally adapts to the family situation. In the "Mono" version, this model is the perfect solution for an extended stroll with just one child. The side pocket is big enough for all the shopping and can be filled without disturbing the child. For two children of different ages, the "Duo" version is the perfect choice, combining a carrycot with a seat. This allows the newborn to sleep peacefully while the toddler discovers the world in either the forward or rear-facing seat. Since the carrycot can easily be converted into a seat, this sibling pushchair still works when the younger child has outgrown the carrycot and also wants to see more of its environment. In the "Twin" variation, the Donkey model is the perfect pushchair for twin children. First equipped with a baby bath, later with sports seats.
A particularly practical feature is that the seats can be placed on the pram in an upside-down position. So the children can look at each other, communicate with each other and the walk is guaranteed never to be boring. And thanks to its extremely slim dimensions with a width of only 74 cm, this pushchair remains manoeuvrable and functional where other sibling pushchairs appear bulky and massive due to their larger dimensions. The company also developed a range of practical and well thought-out accessories to match its pram models, which make life as parents a little bit more comfortable. Particularly practical for parents who love travelling with their little ones is the comfort transport bag, which protects the pushchair from scratches and damage on the plane. The water-repellent bag made of durable material fits all Bugaboo models and has a compact size that does not take up much space in the attic or basement. Another practical accessory is theCup holderwhich is simply attached to the push bar of the pram and keeps drinks always at hand.
Also indispensable for city nomads is thesmartphone holder, which is also simply attached to the push bar and is compatible with any mobile phone. Sunshades, changing bags and practical organisers round off the range. In short: Bugaboo knows what modern parents want and is the right brand for every design-savvy and trend-conscious family that values quality.
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