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Maison Polochon

Maison Polochon is a 100% French brand, from idea to headquarters to production, specialising mainly in lighting and related accessories for children.

Founder, owner and mother of two sons Manuela Ducloux had a great passion for interior design and decoration and a special knack for decorating rooms in a particularly warm and inviting way. In 2016, when her sons Paul and Victor were already grown up, she founded the brand Maison Polochon, which was then called "Polochon & Cie", driven by her talent. Polochon" was Victor's own invented nickname for his little brother Paul.

In addition to her children, Ducloux was inspired by her grandfather and a construction site lamp that he always used in Manuela's childhood and which, in simple terms, was to become the model for Maison Polochons first night light called "Passe-Partout".

The so-called nomad lamps are reminiscent of the torches of wandering and nature-loving nomads, in their design, but also their soft light. Maison Polochon places great emphasis on aesthetics, but also on the well-being of the children, which can be additionally enhanced by the right light warmth.

For this purpose, the night lights are equipped with four LED lamps that have 20 % less blue density and are accordingly healthier for the eyes and produce a warmer light. A special protective dome prevents direct contact with children's eyes, minimising the risk of glare in any application. Because with the help of the adjustable lampshade, the night light can be transformed. And can thus be used as a night light, but also as a targeted reading lamp or as conventional room lighting.

In addition to this innovative product line, Maison Polochon is also characterised by sustainability. Because: ALL products are produced without exception in France, together with local partners. In addition, all those involved pay close attention to environmentally conscious manufacturing methods and use sustainable materials. In this way, not only the current well-being of children can be promoted, but also their future on this planet can be secured a little more.

In summary, Maison Polochon stands for a 100 % French company that specialises in night lights for children, placing great emphasis on design and well-being and always looking to the future with one eye on environmental awareness and innovation.