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children's stool

What is a child's stool?

Toddlers have a huge urge to explore inside them, which motivates them to question things and want to understand the world. Unfortunately, their own height sometimes gets in the way - they are simply too small for some activities.

A child's stool can be the ideal solution here. Stools have one or two steps that children can climb up. They are available in wood or plastic - the latter is particularly easy to clean and wipe clean.

Since step stools are often used in the bathroom, care should be taken to ensure that the stools are non-slip. This prevents falls. To use a step stool safely, children should already be able to stand steadily and parents should be near the child at the beginning. The use of many step stools is recommended from the age of about 18 months.

Thanks to their low weight, children can also carry stools without any problems and place them where they want.

What should a stepstool be used for?

A step stool is particularly suitable for promoting the child's independence. For example, the footstool can be used as a step in front of the sink so that the child can wash its hands independently. A stool can also be used as a toilet trainer. The child no longer needs help to go to the toilet.

A step stool also provides support for activities such as baking cakes in the kitchen. The steps allow the child to compensate for the lack of height and to participate actively. On the one hand, this increases the child's satisfaction, and on the other hand, it makes everyday life easier for adults, as they no longer have to constantly lift the toddler.

Up to what age and weight is a child's stool suitable?

A child's stool has no age restriction, as it is intended to compensate for the lack of size. As soon as the child is big enough to reach the desired things without a stool, it will do without it on its own.

Many children's stools can support a weight of 50 to 100kg. Some even exceed this. A stool can therefore also be a practical solution for adults. To be on the safe side, take another look at the product description.