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Finally your little darling can move around independently, so there are of course lots of interesting things to discover at home! What could possibly be in this drawer? What's new to look at in this great big cupboard? How does the big door open?
Many little questions with a lot of curiosity take the little ones with them as soon as they start crawling or even walking under their own steam. Therefore, quick prevention and action by the parents is very important.
There are many dangerous objects, toxic substances, sharp corners and edges that need to be protected from the smallest family member. That's why we have all kinds of safety articles for your home such as door stops, corner and edge protectors, cooker protectors, drawer protectors, smoke detectors and many other safety measures in our range. Prevent and protect a little more to avoid unnecessary accidents or even serious injuries.
Make friends with the different safety articles of the various brands: Reer, Chicco, Helly, Flow, Safety1 and many other high-quality manufacturers.