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More safety with fencing

Barrier grids are a great way to bring a little security into your home and, with a purchase price of less than CHF 60, they are even a super-affordable alternative. It doesn't matter where you want to use the barrier. Whether as a door guard or stair guard or to simply leave the baby alone for 5 minutes in peace. Everything is possible. We tell you what to look out for when buying a safety gate for your baby or child.

When do you need a child door guard?

And where should it be installed? A door grille for babies becomes relevant when they start crawling. This is when they are mobile and begin to explore the area. Children are not yet aware of dangers.

For this reason, it can happen quickly that the baby falls down. It is therefore extremely important that you block off all areas that are potentially dangerous with a safety gate for babies. This includes stairs and passages into rooms where babies have no business being. The grids can therefore be used in all living rooms or in the nursery.

It therefore makes sense to buy a safety gate for your baby between the ages of 6 and 10 months.

What types of children's stair guards are there?

There are various types of safety gates for babies. There are also different accessories for them. Door safety gates are available in wood, plastic and metal. They can either be clamped in place or screwed on tightly. They differ significantly in the way they can be opened. There are also different colours, so you can choose between white, black, brown or blue depending on your needs.

What they all have in common is that they cannot be opened by children's hands. Many stair gates are variable in their installation due to their design. All you need to know is the approximate width of the area you want to cover with a safety gate. Of course, you can also purchase extensions for many products, with which you can flexibly extend your barrier or even shorten it to enable it to be used in other places or at another door.

What should you look for when buying a barrier grille?

There are a number of things you should consider before purchasing a grille and also afterwards. When buying, you should look for high-quality and sturdy materials. Metal grilles in particular are more suitable than those made of plastic.

Door grilles that can be firmly attached to the door are certainly more stable and sustainable than those that can only be set up. You should also check the grilles regularly after a purchase. Does the locking mechanism still work? Is the safety gate still firmly attached?

The bigger your child is, the more carefully you should watch your toddler. Especially children who are already braver or able to walk become even braver depending on their age and can underestimate the danger that a safety gate brings. Many babies like to climb up the bars without being aware of the danger. Therefore, always keep an eye on your offspring despite the protection. Especially if it is a landing that you have secured with a door guard as a precaution.

There are also dimensions for safety gates that you should adhere to. Make sure that the bars of the gate are no further apart than 45 and 65 mm so that your baby cannot squeeze between the bars.

You can also pay attention to the heights when buying. An ideal height is at least 60 cm. For door grilles, it can also be a few cm more.

When buying, decide whether you would prefer to buy a grille that requires additional drilling or whether a simple clamp is sufficient. However, simple months should not be the main priority in your decision.

Baby safety gates and more - This is what a safe home for your baby looks like

There are various products that make the home safer for baby and child. This does not only include the well-known baby monitor. You have to be aware that babies and small children want to try everything. They open cupboards, stick fingers into sockets, pinch themselves in places you didn't think were possible. For this reason, you must make sure that all dangerous places in the house are secured. This includes all cupboard doors and drawers.

Make sure that sharp corners on furniture are protected. Make sure that babies and children cannot slip or slide in certain places. Secure windows. In the kitchen, make sure you have child-proofed the cooker. Baby proofing in the home is essential if you don't want your children to hurt themselves. In the playpen itself, you should also make sure that there is at least one playpen liner.

For safety while sleeping, a child's bed guard is recommended. The best thing to do is to let yourself be inspired by the wide range of products and check which possible sources of danger are lurking in your home.

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