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Door grille accessories

Extend functionality with door grille accessories

Is the door grille too short or do you want to attach it to a stair railing?
No problem! With the right accessories, you can extend your door grille to the required length. Please note the maximum length in the instructions for your door grille. The length should not be longer than specified in the instructions, as the grille can become unstable and safety is then no longer guaranteed.
You can also use a door grille as a stair guard. Thanks to the Y-screws or a clamping system, your door grille is easily converted. Remove the clamping screws from your door grille on the side that is attached to the grille. After you have done this, you can mount the device for a railing and your door grille is already a staircase grille.
Adapt the door grille to your needs with the door grille accessories.