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childproof cabinet

Cupboard safety and drawer safety - how to protect your baby.

Learning to crawl and walk are big milestones for babies. The baby equipment also becomes bigger then: With a suitable pad and crawling socks, you support your child in this important development phase. A baby walker can also be helpful for the first steps. However, as the child becomes more mobile, new worries come into the house. Children understand the world primarily with their hands. The classic: cleaning out cupboards and drawers. With a drawer safety device, you can protect your baby from injuries caused by dangerous objects or trapped fingers. And the contents of the drawer from curious children's hands.

Cupboard safety device for children: Child safety device for the cupboard - which products are available?

There is a wide range of childproof locks made of different materials and with different closures. The models also differ in how and where they can be attached. There are different products for drawers, cupboard doors and windows. All-purpose locks made of flexible material can also be bent around corners. You can use them to securely lock various furniture doors, windows or even the washing machine. The manufacturer BabyDan also offers a special sliding door protection.

Attachment: You have a choice of screws, adhesive or rubber loops that are attached to the furniture knobs. Secures with adhesive are particularly easy to attach and remove without damaging the furniture.

Material and appearance: Many fuses are made of plastic and are more practical than attractive. However, there are also models that are not visible from the outside, such as the 'cupboard and drawer fuse' by reer. The 'DesignLine multi-fuse' also offers a particularly reer also offers a particularly elegant solution: the all-purpose lock in anthracite looks classy and is attached with a special adhesive that can be removed without leaving any residue.

Closure: There are various mechanisms here, all of which offer sufficient security. However, some models have to be attached high enough so that your child can't reach them. Even safer: A wrong button that distracts the child from the lock, as with the 'OutSmart Flex locker lock' from Safety 1st.

Drawer safety device for children: what else you need for baby safety

Well prepared with suitable accessories, you can accompany your child in a relaxed manner when crawling and learning to walk. Especially important: cover all sockets! When your child starts to walk, you can also use edge protectors to avoid lacerations and tears. Also check that all furniture is secure against tipping over and fasten it to the wall if necessary. A playpen is particularly safe. Alternatively, you can equip the parents' bed with bed guards and thus obtain a large play area.