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Cooker guard

Cooker protection for children

It is important to protect small children from burns and scalds, because they are among the most common types of accidents. The majority of these accidents happen at home on the cooker. All it takes is a moment of inattention and a child pulls a hot pot off the cooker. The hot food or liquid can cause life-threatening injuries. With the right cooker guard, you can cook carefree next to your toddler. A cooker guard forms a barrier between your child's fingers and the hot pans, cooker tops or open flames.

How does the cooker guard work?

Basically, the hob or even the control knobs need to be protected from the toddler. To protect against pans being pulled down, you can choose a closed construction or grid design. Heat-insulated material offers additional safety. The DesignLine cooker guard is extra high and thus prevents children from reaching over it. With a fully closed construction, it is not possible to reach through the grille. The side panels prevent pots and pans from being pulled down sideways. Not every model is suitable for all types of cookers.

Adjustable and different materials

Depending on the model, the protection for cooker tops is adjustable in length and is made of stainless steel or plastic. The reer Stainless steel cooker guard is suitable for all types of cookers. It can be used for electric, induction or gas cookers. It is mounted by means of a variable screw clamp. The Prince Lionheart cooker guard is made of heat-resistant polycarbonate plastic and offers a width adjustment between 61 and 91 cm. With this model, an adhesive tape ensures a perfect fit. It can be attached not only to the top of the cooker, but also to the front of the cooker.

Children's oven guard: protection from hot cooker tops

Oven knobs exert an attraction on small children. With the cooker and oven guard, you can prevent your child from turning the knobs. The Clippasafe Cooker and Oven Guard protects the control knobs of the cooker. The guard is attached with glue and the lid of the childproof lock can only be opened by adults. The reer Cooker safety guard Deluxe transparent convinces with a permanent switch cover.

Well-known manufacturer

Reer is a German company that specialises in low-priced and high-quality baby products. In addition to various cooker guards, the company offers bottle warmers, baby monitors and changing tables. The company has Prince Lionheart has been successful in the baby products sector for almost 50 years. The product range includes care products and safety articles such as edge and corner protectors.

Baby Dan is a Danish company whose main focus is on safety products for children. In addition to cooker guards, the product portfolio includes safety guards for stairs or fireplaces. The manufacturer Clippasafe produces various innovative child safety products such as cupboard and drawer guards. Here you will find numerous safety articles for babies and toddlers for at home, in the car or on the road.