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Safety for your child

The safety of your child is close to your heart. Nevertheless, you cannot be available around the clock. An optimal help when you have other important things to do is to install a baby monitor. This way you can go about your business during the day or be sure at night that your baby is sleeping peacefully and you don't have to worry. For particularly thorough monitoring, there are now even baby monitors with cameras on the market. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can rely on a motion monitor that monitors your baby's movements during sleep and thus banishes the last bit of worry.

Childproofing your home

Another important step is to secure the living areas. Your baby is beginning to discover the world and should be allowed to explore everything - but without hurting himself. Use sturdy door grates to secure areas where it can be dangerous: Stairs, workrooms or even the kitchen when the oven is in use. Door grilles can also be used to separate pets from children if necessary. Configuration grilles also help to secure special areas such as a fireplace. Of course, you will also find a wide range of accessories in our assortment so that you can adapt the grilles to your needs.

Enabling the little ones to be independent

When your child makes its first attempts to use the toilet or wash its hands independently, stools, step stools or booster seats are useful. In this way, you support your child's increasing independence and at the same time ensure safety - with non-slip surfaces, of course, to prevent accidents.

The greatest possible safety for your home

The biggest challenge, however, is securing the entire home. We are happy to support you in this. Discover in our assortment, for example, changing grids to prevent a fall from the changing table, or corner guards for table corners to prevent injuries. With safety latches and drawer locks, you can ensure that your child does not get unsupervised access to objects that do not belong in children's hands. Doors and windows can be easily locked, and the oven and cooker can be protected by an additional grille. Even cupboards and balconies can be competently secured so that you can leave your child unsupervised for a few minutes. This gives you a short break in your everyday life and gives your child the opportunity to move around the home completely freely and safely and to put his or her new skills to the test.

By the way: A well-functioning smoke detector should also not be missing from a childproof home. In our shop you will find a selection with pretty children's motifs, which at the same time contribute to the cosy atmosphere in the children's room.