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baby bouncer

Electric baby rocker - relaxing time out

Whether you're a new mum or a mum of three - time is in short supply. Give yourself and your baby a break with the electric baby rocker. With this everyday helper, your baby is gently accompanied to sleep and you have the time to relax or devote yourself to other tasks.

Why a baby rocker?

The challenges of everyday life with an infant are many. There are too few hours in a day for the many demands of the household or family. A break for the caregiver often comes too short. Yet this is important for sensitive and attentive interaction with the infant. A relaxed mother passes on her inner peace and relaxation to her baby. The rocker allows a little time for relaxation for the whole family.

Possible functions of rockers for babies

Rockers vary depending on the manufacturer and model and have different features. To give you an overview of possible functions and help you decide, here is a summary:

  • Mains operation or battery operation (both variants possible depending on the model).
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Different movement patterns
  • Timer to stop the movements automatically (saves energy)
  • Adjustable recliningposition
  • 2in1 rocker and bed (Attention: Baby rockers are not intended for longer sleep phases. Only models with bed function should also be used as a bed)
  • Music (usually different titles/lullabies)
  • Nature sounds
  • Removable covers
  • Washable covers
  • Insert for newborns
  • Folding function for easy transport
  • With small table
  • Sun canopy - for use outside
  • Night light
  • Mobile - trains vision and promotes motor skills

Safety with baby bouncers

Safety is a top priority for parents. And so are the manufacturers of baby products. That is why the baby rockers convince with stability, a solid construction and, depending on the model, a 5-point harness system.

The rockers are primarily designed for babies up to 9 months or a maximum of 9 kg and should not be overloaded, as safety is then no longer guaranteed. Please also note that the swings are only designed for short sleep phases. Babies and newborns do not have sufficient muscles to sit in the rockers for long periods.

What should I look for when buying a baby bouncer?

The equipment options are wide-ranging and each model has its own advantages. Before buying a baby bouncer, you should therefore consider what is important to you when purchasing a baby swing. Which functions should absolutely be included and what can sometimes be done without. Here are a few helpful questions:

Do you want to be able to take the baby swing with you on holiday or on a weekend visit to your grandparents?

Do you prefer mains operation to battery operation? All baby rockers are battery operated. Only selected models have an additional mains adapter.

From how many months should your baby use the rocker?

Already as a newborn or only later? Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions as to when the rocker is recommended and whether a newborn insert is included.

How flexible should the baby bouncer be?

Do you value different sleeping and sittingpositions or are two versions enough for you? Do you want to be able to remove the covers regularly and wash them at high temperatures or is it enough for you to protect the seat with a cloth or similar (in the case of the latter, make sure that the strap function is not impaired)?

Should the baby rocker be used regularly or only occasionally?

When your baby is awake, he or she can watch you work or reach for the small play elements. This promotes motor skills such as eye-hand coordination. As soon as your baby is tired, he will find his way to sleep more quickly thanks to the gentle rocking movements. So you no longer have to decide between a sleeping aid or a play object. The baby rockers combine these advantages.

What are the differences between the baby bouncer models?

Most of the differences in baby bouncers are due to the shapes. They are available as straight or gently curved baby bouncers. In addition, the baby bouncer models come in many colours and patterns and also in several different sizes. Some swing, some others have their focus more on gentle rocking. So you have the opportunity to order a rocker for newborn babies or to order a rocker that is suitable for a baby that is already a few weeks old.

The possibilities for the right baby bouncer are endless. In this context, parents should please note the age indication on the models. The baby bouncer also offers additional accessories, such as an integrated mobile or even music effects. The Bounce and Sway model from Tiny Love has, among other things, 19 different integrated melodies that encourage the baby to play and dream. The situation is different with the Balance baby bouncer from BabyBjörn. It scores not only with exciting colours like grey and pink and a great design, but also with the double function, because when the baby grows, the baby bouncer can also be used as a chair. From lying to sitting in the baby bouncer. Are you looking for additional practical accessories for the rocker? Discover selected products that match your rocker. Whether covers, covers or toys.