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Hammock and hanging chair - symbol for cosy relaxation.

A hammock can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. Whether indoors or outdoors - in any case, it is synonymous with relaxation and cosiness. Depending on the model, it is particularly popular in the children's room, in the living room, on the balcony or in the conservatory. There are even models that are so light that you can even take them on trips or carry them in your backpack.

Children and adults alike love them. A robust children's hammock from Amazonas is either made of hard-wearing cotton or it is made of resistant synthetic fibres. If this is the case, polyamide, the so-called parachute silk, is often used. Cotton is considered to be extremely tear-resistant, so the natural material is even designed for long-term use. Polyamide is a strong material that is very light, lasts a long time and is very suitable for baby and children's hammocks. The stability, the load-bearing capacity as well as the suitable size play an important role when purchasing such a swing in any case.

Robust, light and comfortable at the same time - the hammock

For the little ones to play and romp in, there is a practical hanging cave, a hanging chair or even a child-friendly hanging chair. These are all extremely popular alternatives to the hammock. The length of a hammock should be about twice the height of the person who uses it most often. If it is intended for children, it should be able to support about three times their body weight. When choosing a hammock, bear in mind that the body weight is significantly higher when getting in and out of the hammock and when swinging than when sitting or lying down.position. It is therefore essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions. No matter which hammock you choose: The basic structure is similar for almost all variants. The textile material is held at the ends by tear-resistant ropes. Sometimes carabiners are attached to it, or the hammock is held by special eyelets.

Why are n so good for children?

A hammock or a hanging chair is not only visually appealing, but they are also particularly important in terms of health and well-being. Many people start dreaming just by looking at a hammock. In fact, it is a wonderful place to relax. Many midwives recommend that expectant mothers occasionally take time out in a hammock. This not only relaxes the pregnant woman, but the gentle swinging back and forth is also extremely pleasant for the unborn child. In addition, with an optimal reclining position you canposyou can prevent a hunched or aching back. The entire back musculature is relaxed and relieved. A benefit for the whole body!

Experts have found that babies and older children fall asleep more quickly in a hammock than in their bed. So lying relaxed in the hammock makes it easier to fall asleep. This is mainly due to the gentle rocking movements. It is therefore not surprising that hammocks are not only increasingly used in babies' and children's rooms, but that they are also an essential part of occupational therapies for children and senior citizens. Thanks to the gentle movements, many children and adults feel a calming effect. Especially people who suffer from hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder can feel relief by regularly lying in the hammock.

How easy it is to fix the hammock in place

It doesn't take much to hang a hammock. Two trees in the garden or two solid posts indoors or outdoors are quite sufficient. If the hammock is to be mounted on the ceiling, you should check its condition and load-bearing capacity beforehand. Use only robust fastening material, such as abrasion-resistant ropes or carabiners. Basically, hammocks offer the best comfort when they sag easily. You can buy both classic cloth hammocks and pole hammocks. The latter are equipped with a tension rod that spreads the lying surface apart. This way it keeps its shape and does not wrinkle in the long run.

Find the right model easily now

Order now the hammock or hanging chair that suits you and your loved ones best. The qualitative value of your desired product is crucial. Then you can be sure to enjoy your new hammock for a long time.