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Door hop

Rocking fun for the little ones

Swinging fun for the living area or the children's room.
Toddlers love the feeling of freedom and the lightness they felt in their tummy with their mummy. First-class swings or door hops give exactly this feeling.
The fun swing is sure to become a favourite activity of your little spouse. The creative swings and hops are only recommended when your golden treasure can hold the neck by himself and has a stable seat. The door hops strengthen the baby's leg muscles and thus help to make the first crawling or walking attempts easier. And if you are looking for other toys, you will also find them here!
Since most door hops are made of fabric, the best place to use them is at home, in the house or in the nursery. If you have a covered seat, babies can also enjoy their gymnastic exercises outdoors. The soft fabric makes sitting a fun experience and invites them to linger.
When attaching, the instructions are an important approach so that playing can be done safely and without accidents.