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Seat cushion

Cosy floor cushions in numerous variations

Since babies and toddlers are not so good on their feet, they usually spend a lot of time near the floor. In the long run, however, it can get uncomfortable and really cold there. This is especially true when the little ones want to recover from a crawl. This is where the seat cushions from 4mybaby can provide a remedy. They are not only super comfortable, they also create a warm base and are visually appealing at the same time. In our online shop you will find seat cushions from well-known manufacturers such as Lässig or WigiWama.

Comfortable and at the same time very affordable seating

The seat cushions and floor mattresses from the 4mybaby The seat cushions and floor mattresses in our online shop are softly upholstered and thus offer a particularly cosy seat that is also ideal for snuggling up. In addition, the various models inspire with fair prices. Sometimes you can find especially cheap cushions in the SALE.

Children's seat cushions with playful design

In addition to their excellent comfort, the seat cushions for children and babies inspire with appealing designs. Many of the cushions have a round shape and come in eye-catching colours like red or yellow. Others inspire with unusual shapes. For example, you can buy a seat cushion for the children's room from us that has the shape of a star. We also have seat cushions with cute animal heads and little ears. They go wonderfully with the furniture in the children's room and create a friendly and playful ambience. But of course you can also opt for a very classic model that comes in a muted colour like grey or blue and has a discreet shape. These models have the advantage that they fit harmoniously into almost any interior and also look good in the living room, for example.

Comfortable seat cushions made of high-quality materials

At 4mybaby we attach great importance to quality. That's why we select our products carefully and only sell you seating that can convince with impeccable workmanship and high quality materials. Robust polyester is often used for the cosy filling. The covers are made of different materials. For a baby or toddler, for example, cotton covers are a good choice. These are particularly kind to the skin. You can order our cushions for the floor conveniently online. In addition, we offer you many other articles for living with a baby. You can also buy cosy armchairs or decorative rugs from us.