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play bow baby

What is a play bow & play blanket?

A play bow is a toy that has a slightly curved shape. Various toys are attached to the play bow, which start to swing gently when touched or even make soft noises. The play bow is placed on a blanket on the floor and the child is placed under it. Now the little ones can play to their heart's content with the little play figures and at the same time, lying on the floor, move with their arms and legs. Parents who choose one of our high-quality play arches can order a soft and fashionable crawling blanket to go withit from our shop . Thecuddle nest is also very popular , where the child can sleep and rest if necessary .

Why are play arches/activity centres more useful than crawling blankets?

In contrast to the crawling blankets, on which the children can crawl away, this is not so easy with a play arch, because the children are lying underneath it. They would have to crawl out from between the bars after turning around. In addition, the various play activities that a play arch offers the child encourage it to play and occupy itself again and again. If parents want to do something around the house and can't keep an eye on the child around the clock, a play bow is a better alternative to the crawling blankets. In addition to the high-quality play arches, you can find many other items for the children's room in our shop, such as furniture for the baby's room and play furniture, as well as everything for the basic equipment such as prams, which you can order for your offspring.

From when are play arches suitable for babies and what are they used for?

The play bow is suitable for children who are about four months old. From this age onwards, children become increasingly active, they want to explore their surroundings, look and, above all, reach out and touch. The child's urge to move is enormous from this age, which is why parents should definitely satisfy this urge with a play bow. With a play bow, many of the children's skills can be developed and encouraged. On the one hand, this can be the grasping reflex, because the children have to be able to reach for the toys on the play bow, on the other hand, motor skills and balance are also promoted. In addition, the child's good mood grows with the play bow, because it is fun to reach for the colourful toys.