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The lambskin as a cosy underlay for babies and toddlers

They are wonderfully soft, keep warm excellently and are also characterised by their breathable properties: Lambskins are real premium products that are popular as underlays for babies. They are ideal for making cold tiled floors warmer, for example. But they are also made for the pram and are reliable companions, especially in winter. However, it is better not to use them in the baby's cot . Here at 4mybaby you will find high-quality lambskins for your child in various designs. Discover great colours and look forward to excellently processed skins.

What is the difference between sheepskins and lambskins?

Sheepskins are made from the fur of adult animals. These have denser and wirier hair. This is more durable, but also feels rougher. Lambskin, on the other hand, is wonderfully soft and has such fine fibres that it flatters the skin. That's why we mainly offer lambskins. These come from real premium manufacturers such as Heitmann Felle or Kaiser. You can also order the right accessories for care and cleaning at 4mybaby order.

Positive features of lambskins

The lambskins from our online shop are genuine natural materials that are not only pleasantly soft, but also highly breathable and provide good heat regulation. They have temperature-balancing properties and are therefore not only useful in winter, but also in the transitional period. In addition, lambskins are extremely hard-wearing by nature. Our lambskins are particularly suitable for upholstering the pram. We even have models that are equipped with recesses for the straps in the pram, buggy or car seat. But we also have normal lambskins available. Some of them come in natural beige tones, others inspire with bright trendy colours. For example, you can also order a lambskin in striking red from us.

Is a lambskin suitable as a sleeping pad?

Lambskins are soft, warm and pleasantly cosy. However, they should only be used as a sleeping pad in a pram or car seat. Lambskin has no place in bed. Since babies in particular do not yet have good temperature regulation, this could lead to heat accumulation. Furthermore, lambskins in baby beds are suspected of being a trigger for sudden infant death syndrome. This mainly affects babies younger than 12 months. However, you can also use our lambskins as a warming floor mat for playing.

Regular cleaning - this is the best way to wash lambskin

Real lambskin can be washed easily if you follow a few rules and is therefore relatively easy to care for. Dust and dirt can be removed. Dust mites also have less of a chance. Medicinally tanned skins in particular should not be washed at more than 30 °C. You should also use a moisturising detergent or, even better, a special lambskin shampoo. You can also order this here in our online shop. Wash the lambskin alone in the machine and do not use fabric softener. For regular care, we also recommend using a brush to remove coarse dirt from the fur. If you take these tips to heart, it should be no problem for you to care for this natural product properly.

Order a lambskin for your baby now

If you need a pram pad that is as natural as possible and keeps your baby warm well, you really can't go wrong with a lambskin. Because the fur is so soft, your child can also sleep wonderfully in the buggy and really relax. Simply choose one of the many premium skins in our online shop and order it with a click.