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crawling blanket baby

Enjoy cosy times with great crawling blankets and co.

Time with your baby flies by! Just born a few weeks ago, he or she already wants to explore the world and get to know new, interesting things. You don't want to put your baby down in the cot or carry him around all the time? A crawling blanket is therefore the perfect choice for curious explorers. Unlike the name suggests, the blanket is not primarily for crawling. You can use the crawling blanket as an extended version as a play blanket with a few cuddly toys or you can hang a play sheet over it to discover, try out and get to know. In this way, you can help your baby to learn to crawl in a playful way. Such a crawling blanket is also perfect for a little nap in between. In principle, a crawling blanket is part of the basic equipment for a baby and is also ideal as a gift for birth or baptism. With such a wide range of products, the only question is: What kind of crawling blanket do you want?

What you should bear in mind when buying a crawl blanket

The crawling blanket means not only fun and play for your baby, but also safety. As soon as your baby starts to turn and move, the risk increases that he or she overestimates him- or herself and falls back onto the floor. If you have a tiled floor instead of carpet, a woollen blanket under the crawling blanket is advisable. The baby is cushioned softly and remains happy and content. So when buying, always pay attention to where and on which floor you want to use the crawl blanket.

The material also plays an important role when choosing the right blanket. Make sure that the blanket can be cleaned in the washing machine without any problems. To bridge the time until the blanket is dry, a replacement blanket is also a good idea. Crawling blankets are usually made of cotton, polyester or a mixture of both. Cotton has the advantage of being breathable, but it is usually less thickly lined. Polyester, on the other hand, is thicker, dries faster and is more durable. On the other hand, it is not as good at wicking away moisture. In addition, there is always the risk of an allergic skin reaction with synthetic fabrics. So a mixture is perfect so that you can enjoy all the advantages. Also, look for the label stating that the products are exclusively free of harmful substances. This is especially important for blankets with play arches, which often have small toys dangling from them.

There are different sizes of crawling blankets depending on your needs. Most blankets have a size of 100x100cm. But there are also XXL blankets that start at 150cm or even smaller ones. Choose your own personal size. Please note, however, that there should be at least 20-30cm space around the blanket so that your child has enough free space and you can easily walk around the blanket.

What different brands are available?

Established brands such as the "Krabbeldecke" have long been Sterntaler have long since established themselves with their high-quality workmanship and great design. The child-friendly motifs and the cuddly surface give your baby a lot of joy and invite you to dream. The crawling blanket from Chicco is also way ahead of the game and impresses with its beautiful design and additional play elements. But also brands like Schardt or Odenwälder for example, also have great designed play blankets in their repertoire, where your baby can discover a lot.

The play blanket for all occasions

While you set up the large crawling blanket with play elements at home, it is rather impractical to take it with you on day trips and visits. That's where a baby blanket is recommended for adventures big and small on the go. You can double the blanket for more safety, you can put toys on it and let your baby sleep there peacefully after his discovery tour. The play blanket is quickly packed and unpacked at the beach, on the meadow or in grandma's living room. We also offer other beautiful baby blankets suitable for your next outing or for the baby bed at home.

By the way, babies start to crawl properly between 6 and 10 months of age. Then the crawling blanket becomes more of a secondary matter and serves as a play and storage surface for cuddly toys and co. Then the rest of your household is much more interesting!