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Children's carpet

Children's carpets for different age groups

You should already think about a children's carpet when furnishing the baby 's room. The carpet gives the room a warm, cosy ambience. Soon the baby wants to see more than the edge of the bed. Lying on a soft rug widens the field of vision, encourages lifting the head and reaching for nearby toys.

What should the baby rug be like?

Choose a soft baby rug made of cotton that is free of harmful substances. The pile should be firmly woven into the backing layer so that the baby cannot tear out any fibres. Buy a baby rug that is big enough for turning, crawling and playing. The dimensions of baby rugs range from 90 x 120 cm to 120 x 170 cm to 140 x 200 cm. If a very small rug is bought, it can later be laid out as a decorative rug. The material must be easy and hygienic to clean. Refrain from using colours that are too turbulent or garish. Pastel shades are more suitable for babies. A children's carpet should also be laid out on a carpeted floor, if only because of the frequent cleaning. The carpet must be non-slip and not so thick that it becomes a tripping hazard for children (and adults) who are just starting to walk.

Children's carpet - toddler to school-age and older

For toddlers, a play rug is particularly appealing. Play rugs are available with numerous patterns. For example, take a look at our pretty street rugs where children can drive their cars. A children's rug with well-known film and comic characters or animals is very popular. The colours can now be bright and cheerful. Whereas before there was only a small rug or baby mat, now the larger central rug is the order of the day. The dimensions depend on the children's room. Now smooth surfaces, easy-care, pollutant-free materials are in demand, on which children can also build. Let your child have a say in the pictures.

Pupils have clear ideas about design. Play carpets with streets or cute figures are no longer in demand. If you don't want to change carpets all the time, you should choose a timeless design for your toddler. If you buy a new children's carpet now, it must still be easy to clean and hard-wearing. Harmful substances do not belong in a child's room. Give the child a lot of say in the design. It will probably choose its favourite colour and trendy colours.

Important buying criteria for children's carpets in brief


  • Material free of harmful substances
  • Non-slip undersurface or anti-slip underlay
  • Easy-care, wet cleaning
  • Firmly knotted, soft structure
  • Child-friendly motifs and colours


  • Small rug for baby - can also be laid out in other rooms as desired.
  • Larger medium rug for toddlers and schoolchildren


  • Priority is given to quality - value for money instead of cheap product
  • Savings suggestion 1: Take a look at our "Sale" and "Deals" categories
  • Savings suggestion 2: Children's carpet for the age group 3 to 10 years

Buy high quality children's carpet

We show you selected, high-quality carpets for children of different age groups. Extremely high demands are made on the quality of the carpets for a baby and a toddler. Here you will find numerous offers with remarkable discounts. With our offers for baby and toddler carpets, you can be sure that the quality and price-performance ratio are right. There are nursery carpets in various sizes, shapes and designs to choose from. Measure the nursery to find out exactly what size rug is right for you and find the perfect nursery rug.