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Playing fun on the floor

Crawling blankets, play rugs and cuddle nests offer parents a particularly high level of safety because they are used on the floor. Because if the parents are busy at the moment and cannot fully take care of their offspring, the youngster should be placed on the floor with his or her toy for safety. It is nice to have a play rug or a cuddle nest for these occasions.

Different playing and crawling possibilities for the little ones

Colourful and soft crawling rugs with play arches are particularly popular with the little ones. As soon as they start to actively engage with their environment, children are only too happy to go on a journey of discovery. The soft blankets are equipped with a slightly raised edge that prevents the baby from rolling away. Funny, sewn-on animal and flower motifs on the soft bottom as well as hanging toys on the play arch encourage the offspring to actively occupy themselves and interact. Especially the small toys on the play arch are made for animation, because they are mostly rattles or rattles. The wide range of toys on the play bow ensures that babies can occupy themselves extensively. By the way, you can also find washing products in our care category.

If the offspring has become tired while playing, a quiet snooze is a good idea. The Sterntaler cuddle nest Erwin is perfect for taking a short break from playing and exploring. The baby lies wonderfully soft and warm in the nest and can relax wonderfully in it. The advantage for parents is that their offspring can rest safely and securely in the soft nest, even if they have to be left alone for a moment.

For somewhat older children, a children's rug with streets and houses is a good choice. Usually, the child is already sitting down when he or she takes a liking to the funny carpet. It is just as exciting when the child lies on his or her stomach on the carpet and looks at the many little details up close. Thanks to the latex base, the carpet is slip-resistant. The product is tested for harmful substances.

A water play mat with fun motifs: For little water rats and those who want to become one, play mats that are filled with water are the perfect choice. A soft edge around the play mat ensures that the baby can lie comfortably. The water play mat is printed with fun motifs from the underwater world.

Classic crawling blankets

If you swear by the good crawling blanket, you will find several products with different motifs in our shop. Unicoloured, with coloured dots or funny children's motifs, the crawling blankets ensure a lot of good mood for the babies. The products are softly quilted and neatly finished so that the little one lies well and securely on the blanket. When not in use, the blankets are simply rolled up and tied with a small fabric ribbon.

Complete product range for babies and parents-to-be

In addition to blankets for use on the floor, we offer parents a huge range of products for their offspring. Baby furniture, beds in our sleeping category, fashion, care and toys are just waiting to be discovered. And for mothers-to-be, we have an extensive range of maternity wear, care products and breastfeeding supplies. For friends and relatives, we offer a large selection of suitable gifts for the young family.