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Play tents

Play tents and play tunnels from 4mybaby

As soon as children can move independently, they conquer their surroundings and explore the world. To make sure they don't get bored, parents can provide variety with the right toys. Play tunnels, for example, are a great way to encourage their offspring to have new adventures. Even children who can crawl like to crawl through these tunnels. This is not only fun, but also provides the necessary exercise. Play tents are also well received by the little ones. They create their own retreat and encourage imaginative play. Here at 4mybaby you will find high-quality play tunnels and play tents from well-known manufacturers such as Knorrtoys, Fillikid, Ludi and many others.

Colourful and child-friendly designs

Of course, the play tents and crawl tunnels from our online shop have been specially developed for babies and toddlers and therefore feature child-friendly designs. Bright colours set the tone. Some play tents are medieval castles or magnificent palaces. But there are also classic houses and the ever-popular tepees. These designs give children the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in their fantasy world and slip into the roles of little Indians or knights. But also the children's tunnels from the 4mybaby shop also inspire with their appealing designs. While some are simply colourful tubes, others are in the form of cute little caterpillars with friendly faces.

High-quality materials and first-class workmanship

Apart from a great look, our play tents and crawl tunnels convince with a high quality. This is particularly evident in the materials used. The tarpaulins of the tents and tunnels are usually made of hard-wearing synthetic fabrics that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Light materials such as wood or aluminium are usually used for the poles. This means that a playhouse can not only be erected very quickly, but it would also not be so bad if it collapsed in the heat of the moment. The materials used ensure an overall light weight, so that the play tents and play tunnels can also be easily transported if necessary. One or two adults can usually lift them up and carry them to another place without any problems. Most play tents and play tunnels can be used wonderfully both indoors and outdoors. However, most play tents are not weatherproof and rarely withstand heavy rain. Therefore, they should only be used outdoors in dry weather during the day and brought back inside in the evening. Play tents and crawl tunnels that are not being erected can usually be reduced to a small pack size and stored to save space.

Play tents as a place of retreat

Even children dream of their very own place where they feel unobserved and are the master of the house. Play tents are made for this. They are an enclosed little space where they can hide away wonderfully. A tent for kids is also great for resting or for intensive play. Most models can be closed from the inside so that no one can see in from the outside.

Play tunnels train different movement patterns

Depending on their size and skills, children have to crawl or crawl through the tunnel. This way, they can train different movement patterns in a playful way. In addition, a play tunnel is of course perfect for hiding from parents or siblings. At 4mybaby you can buy crawl tunnels in different designs. In addition to normal tubes, we also offer intersecting tunnels. In addition, there are play tunnels that connect two tents with each other so that an entire play landscape is created.

Crawling tunnels and children's tents for different age groups

We have a large assortment of play tents and tunnels, so that we are sure to have the right tent, tepee or playhouse for your needs. Some models are only suitable for children from the age of three. But there are also very simple tents and tunnels that are suitable for babies as young as a few months. Discover the wide range of products in our shop and choose a play tent or tunnel conveniently online. We will then deliver the desired item promptly to your desired address.