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Measuring rods

Look, I'm growing! - Children's measuring sticks

Many parents and grandparents often can't believe it - a short time ago their children were still small and suddenly they don't seem to want to stop growing. Relatives realise this: time flies. And children are proud to be bigger today than they were a short time ago. Therefore, it is a great experience for children to see how they grow and become taller and taller. Children's measuring sticks are the ideal companions for this. If you don't have children of your own, they are also a great gift. Children's measuring sticks are very popular with both parents and children, and measuring their height is always a great opportunity for a joint activity.

What are children's measuring sticks?

Children's measuring sticks are a size gauge that should not be missing in any child's room. There are measuring sticks made of different materials, e.g. wood or solid cardboard. Decorated with cute motifs, they give children double the pleasure and are a beautiful eye-catcher at the same time. Toddlers and children can ideally keep track of their growth and current body size in this way. Many parents, for example, measure their children as a tradition every year on the toddlers' birthday. But don't forget to note the date or year of life - this will help you and the children to remember the respective body size on the birthday. A great reminder!

The marking is done either directly with a pen or with personal photos or artwork of the toddlers. There are then inserts for the photos at each measuring point. Children's measuring sticks are thus on the one hand a nice experience for children and parents and on the other hand they already offer toddlers a first contact with numbers and sizes. Siblings or friends can also measure each other and the children can compare who is taller or shorter.

How to assemble a child's measuring rod?

Fortunately, nowadays most size gauges no longer have to be fixed in the children's room with a drill and screws. As a rule, they are mounted quite simply and in seconds with stickers or other adhesive fixings. In this way, the children's measuring rod can also be attached to the cupboard or the door of the room, for example. The visual design of the measuring sticks makes them a beautiful decoration for the baby or children's room. Before mounting the measuring rod, you must determine the correct height for the attachment so that the children's measuring rod is mounted correctly and the measuring points match the actual body size.

Up to what size can you use a children's measuring rod?

A height gauge is already suitable for the toddler in the baby's room. Often the metre measure starts at a height of approx. 60-70 cm. It can then often be used up to a height of 1.40-1.60 m. This means that it can be used for several birthdays and years. Thus, several birthdays and years can be tracked - a nice tradition and experience at the same time.