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Children's room decoration

Pretty decorations transform the children's room into a little fairytale world.

The different variations bring creativity into the children's room to make the room look very attractive. To optimise the decoration of children's rooms, there are various children's room decorations, such as beautiful play rugs, cosy curtains, brilliant storage options for the toys with exquisite patterns and many other accessories. These will add freshness to your nursery.

All parents-to-be want to decorate and furnish the nursery for their child according to their taste.

Furnishing a baby's room

Most parents-to-be can hardly wait for the birth of their baby. Usually, the young family can be discharged from the hospital a few days after the birth. Each baby's room should have the important furniture.

In order to provide the parents with the care products quickly, the room should have at least one cot and a changing table. Separate wardrobes are advantageous, as chests of drawers usually do not have enough space. If you are already thinking about the future, you should choose furniture that can be converted and grows with your child. For example, a cot with rails on both sides has become a cot without rails and the changing table has become an ordinary chest of drawers.

Pastel shades such as light green, blue, pink and rose are just as popular today as the more neutral shades of cream or various shades of grey. If furniture, curtains and carpets are combined in colour, the overall impression will become harmonious.

How do I decorate a children's room?

Lovely decoration materials provide for the children's room Bambiente, Zig Zag, Playshoes, Skip Hop or Haba. To decorate your beautifully designed room with little things, you will find all kinds of decorative items here.

As soon as you have finished with the rough furnishing of the children's room, the decoration becomes an important aspect. Only in this way will you feel comfortable with the newly furnished children's room. This includes beautiful wall stickers that have been made with a lot of love. Bright and interesting wall stickers add a touch of style to the little joy in the new home. Take your time and find the perfect wall stickers from our collection, they are the ideal addition to your new nursery design.

Create a cosy resting corner for your child to relax in with cosy beanbags.

How do I bring order into the children's room?

There has to be order in the children's room. With our excellent storage options for the children's room, you can optimally store your child's daily necessities. Whether you want to use a beautiful basket, a wall shelf or a simple changing unit, you will find a considerable number of different products with us so that your nursery is always neat and tidy. Due to the exquisite patterns and colours of the storage products, they are very suitable for the children's room and are also beautiful to look at as decoration. Most storage utensils can be used for future play. Keeping things tidy cannot be taught to children early enough. Proper storage of jackets, scarves and hats keeps the children's room tidy. When the furniture is so original and colourful, keeping things tidy will quickly become second nature to your child.

What do I need to consider for safety?

When furnishing the children's room, it is advisable to make sure that the corners and edges of all furniture are rounded. It is essential to have a side guard on the changing unit. This prevents your baby from falling off the chest of drawers. There should be grids on both sides of the cot to ensure optimal air circulation in the bed. Even if the baby has just been born, you must screw all furniture to the wall. If the child climbs up later, the nursery furniture can be tilted forward or to the side, burying the child underneath.

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our shop.

At 4mybaby you will find beautiful and high-quality children's furniture. Whether cute cots or practical changing tables, spacious children's wardrobes, space-saving changing chests and large playpens with matching cot mattresses. Also very beautiful cradles can be perfectly integrated into any room and give your child a safe feeling. Be inspired by our product variety and take advantage of our low prices.