Children's lamps

Beautiful lamps for the children's room

Lamps should meet special requirements for use in children's rooms. It is important that they have a child-friendly design and, above all, that they are safe. Lamps for children in bright colours with cute figures and motifs are both beautiful and functional decorations.

Basic lighting in the children's room

The various lamp models can be divided into two categories: On the one hand, there are children's lamps that provide basic lighting for the entire room and, on the other hand, lamps that serve a specific purpose. The basic lighting in your child's room is provided by ceiling lamps. These include ceiling spots and pendant lamps. While pendant lamps are equipped with a lampshade and hang from the ceiling by a cable, ceiling spots are mounted directly on the ceiling.

Pendant lamps for children consist of a plastic or wire frame covered with paper, for example. Such an item offers the significant advantage that you can replace the lampshade quickly and easily. Thus, you are able to create a completely new ambience in the children's room at low cost and in just a few steps. Furthermore, these lamps are available in many shapes. In addition to variants made of paper, these lampshades are made with pretty colourful fabric covers or also decorated with embroidery. Generally, the thicker the fabric of a lamp, the higher its quality.

A third category of pendant lamps are special children's lamps with motifs. These are extremely ornate in design. In contrast to pendant lamps, ceiling lamps in children's rooms are very flat. Because these lamps take up less space and do not protrude into the children's room, they are extremely popular. Such lamps are not damaged as quickly during romping and playing as can happen with pendant lamps.

To achieve a harmonious overall picture, you should pay attention to which furnishings the pendant lamps can be combined with. Renowned brand manufacturers offer beautiful wallpapers, furniture, fluffy carpets and pretty curtains to match the respective children's lamps.

Children's lamps for special purposes

For extremely cosy and at the same time functional lighting, the following lamps can be used for the children's room, for example:

- Wall lamps
- Floor lamps
- Desk lamps
- Fairy lights
- Bedside lamps
- Night lights
- Table lamps
- LED lamps

Wall lamps create a special cosy atmosphere in a child's room. You can use them, for example, to set up a reading corner for your children. The design of wall lamps can often be combined with a matching ceiling lamp.

Because of their flexibility, floor lamps are wonderfully suited to be moved around as needed and thus used in different areas of a child's room.

Small night lights are ideal for a baby's room. The beautiful models with integrated music box, which plays soft and gentle music, not only light up discreetly, but also help the little ones to fall asleep.

Desk lamps in the children's room provide enough light for schoolwork as well as for handicrafts and games. To ensure that the desk lamp only functions as an additional source of light, it is advisable to position the child's desk so that it gets as much daylight as possible.

Pretty colourful fairy lights are particularly suitable for indirect lighting in the children's room. Because of their different lengths and colours, they are also perfect for decorating windows, shelves, chests of drawers, cupboards or even the bed, for example.

Bedside lamps often serve as a reading lamp before going to bed. In contrast to the bedside lamp, the night light in the children's room remains switched on throughout the night. It serves to ensure that the little ones are not afraid of the dark and thus makes it easier for children to fall asleep. In addition, it provides children who wake up at night with a point of orientation in the children's room.

Table lamps, which are available in every conceivable design and colour variation, provide pleasant lighting on the desk. If they have a swivelling lamp neck, your child can use the light individually. This way, the youngsters can concentrate on their work and the optimal lighting protects their eyes from strain. A table lamp can also be placed and used individually as a decorative element.

Lamps for children spread bright light in the children's room and create a friendly atmosphere. Basic lighting ensures that the children's room is optimally illuminated. Sunlight is usually sufficient for this, but in the evening and in winter, more brightness can be created with an additional light source.