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Living with babies requires redesign

Already during pregnancy, many women start thinking about the furnishing of their home when the little one is born. Safety comes first, followed by cosiness and well-being. Products for the home help to change the furnishings to make them baby-friendly and to ensure that the little ones have fun playing.

Babies need safety in the home

Even the youngest children are curious about their environment, which is why safety in the home plays an important role for many parents when redesigning their home. Furniture must be stable and have good stability so that the little ones can later pull themselves up on it and learn to stand and walk independently. It is important to secure the corners of the boxes with edge protectors and the sockets with a socket cap. To prevent staircases from becoming a source of accidents, variable grids can be fitted and the little ones prevented from falling down the stairs. The sleep of newborns and infants is monitored with a baby monitor that works via tones or video, depending on the model. A soft night light helps so that the little ones fall asleep peacefully and the parents can check on their children in the shimmering light without waking them up with glaring light. Older children need step stools or a learning tower to reach the surface of the kitchen, bathroom or a work table without problems. This allows the little ones to join in with everyday activities and have a good footing. In order not to reach the hot cooker top by mistake during these activities, a cooker guard serves as perfect protection.

Babies should feel comfortable at home

A nursery should be soft, warm and cosy so that babies, infants, toddlers and children feel comfortable in it. Large crawling blankets, baby nests and cosy lambskins allow the little ones to live out their urge to move and at the same time have a safe resting place for a little nap during the day. With matching nursery curtains, child-friendly pictures and a beautiful storage system, the nursery becomes a familiar-looking realm for the little ones. The shelves and organisational elements are just as practical for parents, as they can be used to store all the utensils needed for daily baby care. Clothes stands or fun hangers hold the children's clothes and are adapted to the size of the children's clothes.

Fun playtime in your own nursery

Babies need entertainment to train their senses and promote gross and fine motor skills. Classic play arches placed over the cot, the crawling blanket or the rocker invite grasping. This helps them discover different types of fabric such as wood or textile, makes the pendants rustle and ring, or allows the baby to look at itself in the mirror. When the little ones are tired of seeing and discovering, a seesaw offers a great time-out. The gentle rocking movements cause the little ones to relax, calm down and often fall asleep peacefully. Older children have fun when they can retreat into a world of their own. The play tent offers this possibility in the children's own room. The tents can be set up in just a few steps and, depending on the model, whisk the little ones away to a theatre, Dinoland or a pirate boat. Play can also become an important hygiene activity with the right accessories. A colourful measuring rod checks the size of the little ones and tells parents whether their children are growing up healthily. The design of the measuring stick turns the weekly measuring into a fun game. Now is also the age to stick the child's name on the room door with funny letters and to do first reading exercises.