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Joie Pram

A pram from Joie is suitable for every useA

pram is part of many families' first baby equipment. In addition to the design of the pram, safety features, functionality and the needs of parents and children must be taken into account when buying. The Joie prams are characterised by their compact design, which makes them easy to transport on public transport or in private cars. Whether baby or toddler, whether only child or sibling: The English brand based in Switzerland scores with the high quality of its pushchairs and well thought-out functions.

The baby seat for the little ones

From birth, parents can transport their offspring in the baby car seat from Joie transport. The bassinets are pleasantly softly padded and offer a lot of freedom of movement. This means the little ones can be wrapped up warmly in winter and feel the pleasant air circulation in summer. The bassinets are mounted on the undercarriage of the different prams with a click lock. Each pushchair can be used facing forwards or backwards thanks to the swivelling handlebar. The lying surface is designed straight to support and protect the soft spine of the little ones.

Explore the world in a buggy

When babies are able to sit upright and their neck and back muscles have strengthened, they can switch from the carrycot to the pushchair attachment. The buggy or pushchair attachment allows the little ones to explore the world around the pram. The swivelling handlebars allow the children to maintain eye contact with their parents and chat or to become aware of their surroundings when they look in the direction of travel. The combination prams from Joie offer the option of attaching a carrycot and sport seat to a frame and using the pram up to the age of four.

The siblings in the same pram lead

Joie offers solutions for carrying twins or siblings together in one pushchair. As with all sport seats, the backrests can be adjusted in several stages and allow the little ones to take a short nap during the journey. Sun decks protect the little ones from intense sunlight and the 5-point harness including safety bar ensures maximum safety.

The equipment of a Joie pram

A Joie pram can be used anywhere and is equipped according to the needs of adults. Large wheels allow the pram to be driven over hill and dale and are often used for walks on uneven terrain. Small wheels are particularly manoeuvrable and allow the pram to be steered comfortably in the city. All wheels are well sprung to provide a smooth ride for the children and a comfortable push for the parents. The handlebar can be swivelled and adjusted in height. It has a comfortable handle and a diaper bag can be mounted on it. Each pushchair has a foot-operated parking brake. The prams can be folded in a few easy steps and their small pack size makes them easy to stow in the car. Storage space is provided by a pushchair from Joie offers storage space thanks to the large storage net, so that shopping can be deposited or toys can be taken along for a visit to the playground.