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Joie High chairs

In the Joie Participate in family life in the high chairs

Small children want to take part in family life at an early age and have a place at the family dinner table. To make this possible for the little ones Joie offers high chairs. The advantage is that the little ones have a comfortable view of the dining table thanks to the elevated seat, have an ergonomically suitable dining area thanks to the integrated placemat and are protected when sitting in the high chairs thanks to the safety components. The chairs from Joie can be folded with a flick of the wrist and stored in a space-saving way when not in use.

High chairs are used from birth

Basically, high chairs should only be used when the little ones can sit independently. At Joie an insert cushion and the adjustable back inclinations ensure that the chairs can be used from birth. The babies' soft backs are supported by the reclining position in the chair. When the baby has reached the age of six months, it can usually sit on its own and no longer needs the insert cushion. The backrest becomes more upright. If the child needs to rest for a while after the meal, it will find a comfortable place in the high chair with a straight backrest. Thanks to the height-adjustable seats, the high chair from Joie grows with the little ones and can be used up to the age of three or 15 kg. The leg rests and footrests can also be adjusted to the size of the little ones.

Safety is important with high chairs

Babies and toddlers are secured in the high chairs with an integrated harness system. The wide uprights ensure a secure stand, even when the child makes violent movements. To move high chairs comfortably to the table or to the work surface in the kitchen and to let the little ones participate in family life, small wheels are hidden in the frame. This makes it easy to move the high chair.

Large food tray with drink holder

The little ones' self-confidence grows when they are allowed to eat alone. To avoid having to reach for the dining table, the high chairs are equipped with an integrated tray insert. Different recesses ensure that beverage cups do not fall over or snacks can be eaten directly from the tray. After use, the tray is cleaned in the dishwasher and can be stored at the back of the high chair. The tray can be used as a placemat at the table after the children have grown out of their high chair. The covers made of skin-friendly material can be removed and washed in the washing machine. The food tray and high chair from Joie can be used away from mealtimes to play with the little ones at eye level. There is a large storage basket under the seat for this purpose. Of course, this can also be used for bibs or bottles.

Foldable with one hand

Joie focuses on functionality with its high chairs. That is why all chairs can be folded with just one hand. The lightweight yet robust and stable material can be reduced to a small pack size for easy storage. The frame is washable and is cleaned with a damp cloth.