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Joie Child seats

Safe driving with the Joie Child seats ensure a safe journey

Parents want to transport their children safely in the car. For this purpose, they already need a child seat for the journey from hospital to home. Which child seats are to be used for which age is regulated by law in each country and takes into account the age, weight and size of the children. All child seats are divided into groups. To change from one group to the next, consider the clearance from the head to the top edge of the seat. If this clearance is less than two finger widths, then it is necessary to change to the next size of seat to prevent head injuries in the event of a collision. The English brand Joie based in Switzerland, offers child seats for children up to a height of 150 cm, which corresponds to an average age of 12 years. Joie scores points for its child seats with a multi-level safety concept consisting of soft padding, side impact protection, harness systems, additional protection for the head, pelvis and chest as well as with pre-installed Isofix connections.

Baby seats for newborns

The hard outer shell of the baby car seat from Joie provides optimum protection for the soft spine of the smallest babies. The shell is ergonomically shaped and is mounted against the direction of travel. The baby car seat can be fastened either with the car's belt system or via the Isofix station in the car. Baby seats are group 0 and 1 child seats, approved up to a maximum of 13 kg or 12 months or a height of 80 cm.

Babies and children up to 4 years of age use the Joie child seat

. If you don't want to buy your own baby seat for your newborn, you can use a reboarder. These child seats have an insert for the smallest ones, can be installed either rearward or forward facing and can be converted for larger children. Reboarders have their own harness system to secure the little ones. Soft padding in the head and pelvic area provides protection in the event of an accident. The child seats are connected directly to the body of the car with Isofix components. This dissipates the energy in the event of a collision with the vehicle and protects the little ones. Particularly easy to use are the Joie child seats with spin function. The seats can be rotated to make it easier for children to get in and out of the car. Reboarders can be used for children up to 4 years, around 105 cm and about 18 kg.

Tall children also need child seats

Classic booster seats are necessary to be able to put the car seat belt in an optimal position on the children's body. The headrests are adjustable and just as softly padded as the comfortable armrests. The booster seats use the car's seat belt system and can be used for children from 100 to 150 cm tall, aged 12 or weighing up to 36 kg.

Special features of car seats from Joie

In addition to functionality and safety, the car seats of the brand score points Joie brand's car seats score points with their accessories. Cup holders on the booster seats, additional headrests on the toddlers or sun decks on the smallest ones are pleasant and make long car journeys more comfortable for children and adults. The covers of all car seats are breathable, permeable to air and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or can be washed in the washing machine.