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Joie Baby carrier

Joie Baby carriers promote the relationship between baby and parents

The primary purpose of baby carriers is to transport the little ones safely. The babies are attached to the parents' bodies by means of the carrier and can be taken to any place at any time. At the same time, the carrying parents have their hands free for everyday life. The good transport option is only one aspect when parents decide on a baby carrier. Joie baby carrier, because carrying supports the development of the little ones.

Emotional bonding and early development

Babywearing is the continuation of carrying in the mother's womb. Through the intensive body contact when being carried in a baby Joie baby carrier, the baby experiences an emotional bond with the parents. Babies feel secure, can be calmed more easily and toothache or digestive pain disappear much faster due to the body heat. Motor development is supported because babies have to actively move their muscles in the carrier. Hip joints, spine and the muscles of the neck and head are strengthened. As babies adopt an upright position in a carrier, breathing is made easier. One of the advantages of baby carriers from Joie include the babies' active perception of their surroundings. Instead of only seeing the side walls and the sky in a carrycot or the legs of adults in a pushchair, babies perceive their surroundings at eye level in a baby carrier. These environmental stimuli lead to active engagement and the first learning of the little ones.

Carrypositions at Joie

Children in baby carriers have several options for being carried, depending on the developmental stage of the little ones. Newborns and children up to the age of six months are carried facing the carrying parent, after which the offspring can look out into the world with their backs to the carrier. The baby carriers can be mounted on the back of the parent carrying the baby and can be used as a back carrier by children weighing 11 kg or more. The maximum load of the Joie baby carriers is 16 kg. Of course, the different carriers can bepositions can be changed to make it easier for the wearer and to allow the children to alternate between exploring and retreating.

Supporting the little ones in the Joie baby carriers

In order to prevent the babies from slumping down in the carriers, the Joie are equipped with a stable head and neck support. The design of the stretcher supports the tuck-stretch position or M-position in the front carrier and the C-position of the children in the back carrier. This ergonomic position is important for the healthy development of the muscles, cartilage and bones of the little ones. The back panel supports the back and is skin-friendly due to the air-permeable cotton and mesh fabric. The cover can be cleaned in the washing machine. A sun, wind and spit-up protector, consisting of a bib and two harness protectors, are integrated in the scope of delivery.

Support for the carrying adults

The weight of the little ones can be a burden for the adults carrying them, which is why the Joie baby carriers have a wide waist belt and a back support to distribute the weight. The shoulder straps are softly padded and can be adjusted in length so that different people can carry the little ones. A shoulder strap offers additional relief when carrying. Magnetic closures make it easy to put the little ones in and take them out.