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Infant Car Seat

Car seats from birth

Car seats that are used for a baby from birth come in two different types. On the one hand, there are the baby tubs, which can be used from birth up to a body weight of thirteen to fifteen kilograms. That is, from birth up to about one year of age. Secondly, in this category you will find reboarder seats in which you can transport your child until it reaches a body weight of 18 kilograms. The child seats are designed in such a way that you can fasten them with an existing belt in your car or on an Isofix station. On many pram frames, the infant carriers can be fixed with additional adapters so that it is not necessary to move your little one when, for example, you have a doctor's appointment or are planning a visit.

Most infant carriers are made according to the latest I-Size regulation, which states that children up to 15 months of age may only be transported rear-facing. I-Size models support your car's Isofix system so that incorrect installation is virtually impossible. The seats are usually installed on the Isofix station with just a few clicks. The child seats also have improved side impact protection and an extra safety area for the head and neck. In the event of a collision, less pressure is exerted on the sensitive head and neck area. The size of the child seat depends on the body length for the I-Size classification.

When buying a car seat for your child, you should make sure that it complies with all the guidelines of the EU standard regarding safety, is easy to use, free of harmful substances and has been tested for its functionality. The baby car seats of well-known manufacturers are constantly tested for these characteristics and also convince with their low weight and their beautiful design. The covers are washable and replaceable. A baby's skeleton is still soft and malleable. Therefore, an ergonomic couchposition is also important so that your child's back can develop healthily. Thick padding and breathable fabrics ensure the best comfort for your child. The baby car seats of well-known brands are constantly tested for these properties and also impress with their low weight and beautiful design.

Reboarders are a good way to ensure your child's safety when driving. The advantage of rear-facing models is that they can be used for longer. Experts on child safety in the car also recommend that children sit facing the opposite direction of travel until they are at least four years old. Studies show that reboard seats are five times safer for your child. In the event of an accident, the neck and neck muscles are less strained. In the event of hard braking or a car impact, your little one's head will be thrown forward if they are sitting forward facing. This can cause dangerous injuries to the cervical spine. In a reboarder, your child is pressed into the seat and all the pressure is distributed over the body. Some of these safety seats can be rotated 360 degrees so that your child can also sit facing forwards. This makes it easier to get in and out of the seat. New on the market are reboarders with a removable infant carrier and the 360 degree swivel system. These guarantee even easier operation. Reboarder are also best secured on the Isofix station.and Take a look at our SALE.