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GLOBBER Tricycle

Clever Globber All-In-One Tricycles

An All-In-One tricycle that grows with you!

With the tricycles from Globber tricycles, you can offer your child an innovative, growing fun vehicle that will give him or her many years of enjoyment. The Globber tricycle offers 4 models in one. A tricycle with push bar for the very young, a baby tricycle, a toddler tricycle and a running bike. This way you can adapt the right model to the developmental stage of your child. In this way, you offer your child from 10 months to 5 years (max. 20 kg) a clever vehicle that promotes motor skills, balance and fitness. The tricycle can be adjusted 100 % without any tools. With different push buttons and wheel buttons you can easily change to different phases of the tricycle. To ensure that nothing gets lost during the conversion, we have Globber has thought of everything and the pedals of the children's tricycle can be cleverly stowed under the saddle so that they can never get lost during conversion.

Everything under control

As safety outdoors and in road traffic is paramount, you have everything under control with the brand Globber you have everything under control. With the built-in front lock and release button, you can take control of the tricycle's steering. This allows you to maintain control with the push rod and manoeuvre, for example, on the road or in the city. This system is available for the EXPLORER Trike 4in1 and 3in1. The baby tricycle is equipped with a removable, all-round padded seat with fall-out protection and 5-point safety harness. On the rear wheel of the tricycle you will find an easy-to-use parking brake that can simply be operated with the foot. The push bar is also equipped with a lockable hand brake. To ensure the highest possible level of safety, make sure your child wears a good quality helmet when riding to provide optimal head protection in the event of a fall.

Highest quality for your loved ones

All Globber tricycle models are equipped with a 2-position height-adjustable wheel saddle made of soft, non-slip TRP and adapts to the size of your child. The curved handlebars with robust, ergonomic TRP grips offer your darling a comfortable, secure hold in every situation. So he or she rides easily around every bend and keeps everything under control. In order to provide the right model for every child, we offer Globber different colours of the models. The wheels are made of maintenance-free EVA and are perfectly designed for the tricycle's durability. The frame provides support for a maximum load of 20 kilograms.

Patented wheel mechanism for the big ones

The All-In-One tricycle wouldn't be an All-In-One if it didn't simply transform into a running wheel. With the patented wheel mechanism, the tricycle can be easily converted into a running wheel with double the wheel width via wheel knobs on the rear wheels. This way, your little biker can practise his balance all by himself and do his rounds on the running bike. This not only looks cool, but also promotes your child's motor skills and fitness.

Save space and above all resources

Not only is your space at home saved, no, resources are also saved with the tricycle from Globber tricycle also saves resources. The fact that the tricycle can be used in so many different ways and over such a long period of time is good for the environment and, of course, for your wallet. Globber the environment and, of course, your wallet.