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GLOBBER Accessories

Globber Accessories - for extra fun and safety with the scooter

A smart scooter from the well-known brand manufacturer Globber promises children the joy of movement and fun in the fresh air. The manufacturer has specialised in the production of high-quality scooters for children of different age groups and for adults and has been able to establish itself on the market in recent years thanks to the innovative design and high-quality workmanship of the vehicles. Of course, the manufacturer's wide range of products also includes a variety of accessories to customise the scooter and make the rides safer for the children.

Stylish protective equipment from Globber for more safety

In the manufacturer's versatile range of accessories, parents can choose the right protective equipment for their children so that they have the lowest possible risk of injury during their scooter rides and are safe on the road. Especially the sensitive body parts head, wrists and knees should definitely be covered with protectors. In addition to colourful helmets in various sizes that protect the child's head in the event of a fall, children should also wear wrist protectors to prevent injuries to the arms and hands. Equally important are protectors for the knees, because these can prevent abrasions in the event of a fall and thus play a decisive role in ensuring the child's safety. In addition to the safety aspects, the brand manufacturer also makes sure that the protectors are easy for the children to put on and take off. The design of the protective equipment is colourful, so that children like it and nothing gets in the way of wearing it regularly.

Individuality and special effects

If you want to modify your scooter according to your own wishes, you should definitely take a look at the accessories from Globber accessories. Children will be particularly enthusiastic about the illuminated items in the range: the actual wheels can be replaced by those with LED lights, which gives the scooter a particularly chic look and at the same time contributes to safety when riding at dusk or at night. LED lighting for the scooter can also be found in the accessories shop of the brand manufacturer, so that good visibility of the scooter is guaranteed and the children are safe on the road by day and night. So that children can draw attention to themselves in road traffic, a bell or horn also offers Globber also offers a bell or a horn that can be mounted on the scooter in just a few steps. With funny details such as animal heads for the handlebars, the little scooter riders can give their vehicle an individual look.

Spare parts for a longer life for Globber scooters

To ensure that children can enjoy their new vehicle for a long time, we offer Globber also offers numerous spare parts. If there is a need for repairs to brakes or axles, these can be purchased and exchanged in the Globber accessories shop so that the scooter is ready for use again as quickly as possible. The handlebar grips can also be replaced with new ones in stylish colours. If the wheels are worn out, they can be replaced without any problems, which speaks for a long, sustainable use of the products. To park the scooter safely at its destination, children need an easy-to-use lock. Parents and children will find what they are looking for in the brand manufacturer's wide range of accessories and can see for themselves the high-quality workmanship of the products.