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Christmas anticipation with our products

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning!
During Advent, the anticipation of Christmas is very great. The 24 days in December sometimes feel longer than normal weekdays. So that the little ones can look forward to every day before Christmas, there is the Advent calendar. Behind each door there is a great present for your little darling.

Whether for girls or boys, there are many different Advent calendars, so there is certainly something for everyone. The Advent calendar has been a Christian custom since the 19th century. It was used in the past so that people knew when Christmas was. The first forms of the Advent calendar come from the Protestant environment. Families used to hang 24 pictures on the wall. Day after day, a new picture was hung up. The simpler version was to draw lines on the door and the children were allowed to clean one line every day.
In today's society, the Advent calendar is responsible for letting your children know when Christmas is coming and they can enjoy the anticipation.

With our products for Christmas, you can give joy to new parents or have a successful gift idea for yourself. The Christmas baubles with imprint are particularly popular and are an individual piece of jewellery to decorate the Christmas tree.