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Christening candles

The baptismal candle as a bringer of hope

The baptismal candle brings light and hope into the life of the person being baptised and into the world of all. It is a central element during the baptismal celebration in the almost 2000 year old history of Christianity, and a classic gift.

The role of the baptismal candle during the baptismal celebration

Christ, as the "light of the world", is represented by the Easter candle. By lighting the baptismal candle on the paschal candle, it is expressed that Christ has illuminated the newly baptised. The baptised person thus becomes the light of the world in Christ.

Symbolism and motifs of the baptismal candle

Baptismal candles are white or ivory - these colours stand for the divine. Decorative symbols and motifs as well as the colours used are chosen according to taste. There are pink baptismal candles for girls and blue baptismal candles for boys. Gender-neutral versions in the colours of the rainbow or in yellow or green, the colour of hope, are also very popular.

Recurring Christian symbols include the dove as a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit, the cross as a sign of resurrection and victory over death, the fish as a Greek acronym for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour", the alpha and omega, the good shepherd, the lamb, the anchor, a guardian angel, water or water drops as a symbol of the baptismal element or consecrated water and water as the elixir of life, and finally the tree as a symbol of life.

Name, date and baptismal motto - the personalised baptismal candle

Design the christening candle individually according to your taste. It should express the uniqueness of the person being baptised, who is meant by God just as he was created. Have the name of the person being baptised and the date of the baptism added to the lower third of the candle. In this way, the name and date remain visible when the candle is burnt way down. You can have a baptism or blessing inscribed on the candle.

Size of the christening candle

A long, slender baptismal candle can be easily carried by the baptised person at First Communion, Confirmation or Confirmation.

Shorter and thicker pillar candles are stable and offer space for longer baptismal and blessing sayings.

Further use of the baptismal candle

Light the baptismal candle after the baptism to commemorate special occasions in the life of the person being baptised. For example, as a life light on the birthday table, on the first day of kindergarten or for starting school. Whether as a reminder, to be thankful or to strengthen and comfort in difficult hours - the baptismal candle supports inner reflection and awareness on life's journey.

Keep the baptismal candle together with the baptismal candles of the siblings and the wedding candle of the parents on a high shelf in the living area out of the reach of the children next to a picture of Christ. This way they are ready to hand and invite them to pause as they pass by.