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Changing tables

Changing unit in the baby's room: what matters and how to make the perfect choice

For many purchases, parents-to-be think long and hard about whether they really need it and whether there is no other way. A big topic in the furniture search is the changing unit in the baby's room. Is the bed enough for changing or does it have to be an elaborate changing table? Many people are unsure about the space available. However, since changing time can last 3 years or longer, depending on the child, a comfortable changing unit with drawers that offers plenty of storage space is worth its weight in gold. With a few helpful tips, every parent can find the perfect changing table for them.

Here's what you should definitely look out for when buying a changing unit!

Even if space is tight - the bed, floor or sofa can never replace a proper changing unit! The constant bending over can lead to considerable back pain, which you may have to deal with for a long time afterwards. Follow the rule of thumb: the changing table should be 15cm below the elbow. For the perfect height, measure the height from the floor to the elbow minus 15cm. This is your comfortable height to find your perfect baby dresser. To ensure that you can optimally care for your baby and also take care of him or her, it is perfect if the changing table is accessible from 2 sides. If it is placed in a corner, you even reduce the risk of falling down.

A changing surface of 70x90cm on the changing table is recommended. Your baby is growing fast and you should have as much space as possible. The changing mat should match the surface and allow the baby to lie softly. It should be non-slip and washable. When buying, make sure that the changing mat has a circumferential fall protection.

Another aspect when buying a changing table is to make sure that the materials used are safe and free of harmful substances. The changing table should also be stable and have enough drawers for your needs. Always keep one hand on the baby when changing! Many changing tables also have a small shelf next to the changing unit. Make use of this! Never let go of the baby to look for something. Too much can happen in just one short moment. Do you need a space-saving changing table? Then the changing shelf might be a good solution for you. At 4mybaby we also offer changing shelves with different models.

What else you could use besides the baby changing unit

One of the most important items for the baby chest of drawers is the changing mat. It makes lying down comfortable and safe for the baby. It should be washable and comfortable for your baby. Especially in the colder months, a radiant heater next to the changing unit is also recommended. Newborns cannot yet maintain their temperature well and freeze very quickly. Since the perfect sleeping temperature is up to 18 degrees, the baby might be uncomfortably cold after a bath, for example. A little toy distracts your baby and keeps him or her happy. How about grasps, mobiles or a music box? This way, at least in the early days, you can easily change your baby on the changing table.

A nappy pail next to the changing table is practical. This way you can dispose of the nappies directly and without any further odour nuisance. A sensible purchase, because you don't have to dash to the bin for every nappy.Drawers, shelves and compartments are not only practical, but also safe. On the one hand, you can perfectly store all important care items such as nappies, wet wipes or even a change of underwear and at the same time have everything within reach without having to let go of the child. Browse through our nappy-changing category and discover what you could store in the practical compartments.

The benefits of a changing table after nappy changing time

When nappy-changing time is over, the first accessories can slowly be disposed of. Your baby becomes a toddler, becomes more independent and no longer needs the baby things. But some things can be quickly and easily converted. The surrounding fall protection of the changing unit can be removed in most cases. This means that you can continue to use the changing unit for clothes or toys. The chest of drawers is usually part of a large children's room set. These are usually kept rather discreet and therefore fit perfectly with furniture pieces.